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How to understand the difference between the UK and Great Britain

Learn the difference between the United Kingdom and Great Britain.

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It is really complicated I used to take the word England as UK and great Britain. I thought that Scotland and Ireland are other countries outside England and I didn't knew anything about Wales. In one of the podcasts in Britishcouncil Ravi and Tess talked about great Britain, so I found out that I'had been wrong all the time.
Honestly I'm not sure yet but I think UK consist of Wales, North Ireland , Scotland and England, but Great Britain is England, Scotland and UK is bigger than Great Britain

Thank you for explaning the differance between UK and Britain

Hello Team, Good Morning! Could you please help me understand why shouldn't we say,
"An adult frog lays eggs." when we are referring to a third person singular in the aforementioned statement.

How can get fast speaker speech like that boy? It's really difficult to get them and annoying as well. This is the thing I hate most.

I can't understand what this guy says, but I can clearly hear what the girl is saying... he speaks in a very weird way.

Can anybody help; why I am unable to watch the videos? is it a browser issue? or account issue?

Hi! It's good for me to understand difference between Great Britian and UK.

I'm confused that I can't watch the video. I don't know why. Several days ago, I can watch but it didn't work now.

Hi learnEnglish Team

I need your help to improve speaking fluency. I understand when someone spkeaks english and also i can write and read well. So can you help me how to solf this problem.
Thanks alot.

Dear britishcouncil,
How can I do Step 1 - Take our free English level test. It`s no working now?
Best regards, Elena.