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How to understand the differences between British and American English

Learn some common words that are used differently in British and American English.

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the task. You can read the transcript at any time.



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Intermediate: B1


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I think most British their accent are heavy in speaking their mother language because English comes from their dialect which is also first language of using but they are using their more difficult and higher education to talk to people who are native speakers. they spoke their language in proverb because of being spoken constantly in their nation.
however, US territory has been taken control by UK government.  American is British sovereignty such our Taiwan is also handover to china as a part of their because we are younger generation in contemporary usually spoke Chinese which is Chinese people their first language as saying. In our Taiwan here, most roadside were written in Chinese characters. IF is in large metropolitan, there would have small letters of English writing on billboard for notification, warning, way of direction and instruction so on. that is because going to let those foreigners,European can read that sign then they will know when they coming to our Taiwan for traveling around at first time or not very long.
Language is for communication and being spoken by us our society.
everyday someone talk to me in English then I'll listen to you saying in my left brain then day by day it will accumulate more vocabularies in my here and again plus I constant to use the language I've known and learnt to say in communicating or idea or something opinion I am having
SO this is called linguistic and someone who are studying language called linguistics
one of my classmates , she lend this material of her to me reading through and she asked me to be sure reading IF I had some time , mostly I work at , I would just read a part of it is very important.
I choice English as my main study since was college years and also English literature for option.
the classmate , she ever had been to England for home stay said she. she has her experience of teaching kids for 4 at cram school settling in our here but I think she has not good enough to teach English and be an effective qualified instructor because she has no license of skillful for teaching with qualification that would best which is several countries consent with or accredited by official and useful for our life forever wherever we go then no afraid again we have no professional expertise to seek a job, study oversea, immigrate

Hi everyone!
For me, i like both British and American accents, because i think that each one has its own unique so i recommend that we should try to understand both of them instead of choosing to learn by considering that which one is better than the other, so that we will be able to communicate in English at anytime and anywhere in the world. Is there anyone agree with me? 

yes.i totally agree with your statement :)

it my first comment on this useful site.
it is really  nice and useful video, i like it.

For me british english is much easy and easy to learn because this is where i start to learn to improve my english and until now i'm still using this website,i know it really diferrent to american to british some time when i m talking to native speaker they look at me may be they're wondering or maybe because my accent little bit different but for me i'm happy now cause for me british is much beuatiful language i ever learn thank you british council

I agree with you. You're right.

When I listened to elementary podcast, I was like "wow, I can easily understand than I thought before", but when I listened to the video here, it was really hard for me to understand what are they saying, especially the man. His accent is quite thick. I wish I can learn to pick up his accent fast.

nice can i download this video?

Hello netz75!
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