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Hanukkah is a Jewish festival that is celebrated for eight days, usually in December. It is also called the Festival of Lights. Find out why and learn about what people do to celebrate this special holiday.

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Hanukkah, or the Festival of Lights, is a Jewish celebration.  Its date changes from year to year, but it always takes place either in November or December. It lasts for eight days and is celebrated by Jews around the world.

The menorah

The most important part of Hanukkah is the lighting of the menorah (a special candleholder used in Jewish ceremonies). For Hanukkah, there is a special menorah with nine candles. Eight of the candles represent the eight days of the festival. The ninth candle is used to light the other eight. On the first day, only one candle is lit, on the second day, two candles, and so on, until all the candles are lit on the last day.  The candles are lit at sunset and should burn for at least half an hour.  They are usually put at a door or a window so that people can see them from outside.

The history behind the festival

The festival celebrates when a group of Jews won back a temple from the Greeks in the second century BC. They made a new menorah to replace the one that had been broken. But when they went to light it, they could only find one small bowl of the special oil they needed. There was only enough oil to last one night but they knew it would take them eight days to prepare more. They lit the lamps with the oil on that first night, thinking it would burn for just one night. But the oil lasted for another seven nights and this event gave birth to Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights.

Special Hanukkah food

Oil is an important part of the Hanukkah celebrations and all kinds of food made with oil are eaten on the eight days.  In central and eastern Europe they make latke, fried potato pancakes, that they eat with apple sauce or sour cream.  The favourite treat in Israel is sufganiyot (doughnuts filled with strawberry jam). Other popular festival foods include apple cakes and pretzels (bread made in the shape of a knot).  

Celebrating with family and friends

Family and friends are very important during the festival. It's traditional to invite people to your home to have dinner and to play games together.  The most traditional game is played with a dreidel, a wooden spinning top with four sides. There are four Hebrew letters on the four sides and, depending on which letter your top lands on, you win or lose. The game is usually played with nuts and dried fruit and sweets.  

Hanukkah gifts

Lots of families give presents during the festival, especially to children.  These are often games that the whole family can play together or books and other small gifts.  It is also a tradition to give money to children (Hanukkah gelt) and to encourage them to donate some of their money to good causes.



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Yes it is. In Javanese, they have ngupati festival, celebrates when expecting mother reached four months old baby in their uterus. The prhase "ngupati" based from word "papat" which means four. They believe that God blows spirits in to the baby at 4 months old baby. The expecting mother make rice wrapped with pale coconut leaves, it is called Ketupat. Sometimes they present it with chicken curry. Then, they dole ketupat and its dish to local communities as gratitude to God and pray May the baby will born healthy.

Almost every religion has festivals and celebrations.
Muslims celebrate Eid festival after keeping fast in the month of Ramadan.
Christians celebrate Christmas.
Hindus have Diwali festival which is full of colour and joys.

The thing is we must pay respect to holy festivals of all religions.

By respecting other religions will bring peace and harmony among different schools of thought and it will improve the tolerance among people.

Of course, it is similar to the Spring Festival in China.

This festival is new to me, because is my first time of reading story like these. But we have similar religious celebration like this which is not a festival. The celebration is called maulud. Maulud is the day of birth of the prophet Muhammad(S.A.W).
During the celebration people slaughter alot of chickens which is going to be eat by the family members and Will also be share to the neighborhood. Different Islamic school in the State will gather and match in line in the street to celebrate the day. Each school will wearing the same color dress in other to distinguish themselves from other schools.

we have ramadan . the family join together and start eating after along day of feasting

In my country we have Ramadan month that we fasting all the day from day break to sun set.

This festival is nice and I have never heard of this festival before
Even we have a festival Eid and we make delicious food, gift the children and helpthe poor.

In my country, at the "holy week", a catholic religious celebration, we use to go to the beach, attend to a church to hear the mass, and everyone eats a dessert made out of red beans, milk, sugar, cinnamon, sweet potato and little cookies (there are a variety and customization of this dessert, by region), we call it "habichuelas con dulce", "sweet beans" in english. Yes, I know a lot of you are wondering, how in the world it could be eaten! You should taste it, it's delicious!!

In my country Colombia, we don´t have a festival like this one. But it is a tradition to light candels on december 7th to honor the virgen mary and the families use to get together and share some food and drinks.

There is a similar festival in China, called Lantern Festival. It is the night of the fifteenth of the first lunar. People make vacious lantern to see, and eat a kind of traditional food, looks like small dumplings balls. It symbolizes reunion of families.