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World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day is a day to think about the extremely important role that the oceans play in all our lives, the dangers that are facing our oceans and the actions we can take to protect them.

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There is only one global ocean. This is divided into five geographical regions: the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Arctic Ocean and the Southern Ocean.   


Seventy per cent of our planet is covered by one huge, continuous body of seawater – the ocean. It holds 1.35 billion cubic kilometres of water. Nearly half of the ocean is more than 3 kilometres deep. The deepest known point of the ocean is in the Mariana Trench, 11 kilometres below sea level. But there may be deeper points that we have not seen, as we have only explored five per cent of the ocean to date.

World Oceans Day

The government of Canada suggested the idea of World Oceans Day at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. In 2008 the United Nations officially recognised the date and it has been growing ever since, from 100 events in 2008 to over a thousand events in more than 120 countries ten years later. The day is celebrated in a variety of ways, including special events at aquariums and zoos, beach and river clean-ups, school activities, conservation programmes, art contests and film festivals.

The importance of our oceans

One of the main aims of the day is to remind people of the important role the ocean plays in our lives. Life began in the ocean. And the ocean is home to the majority of plants and animals on Earth, from single-cell organisms to the blue whale. Marine plants provide us with 70 per cent of the oxygen we breathe. The ocean controls the climate, providing heat in winter and cool air in summer. It also provides us with food and medicines as well as transport. No matter where you live on the planet, no matter how far from the sea, your life is dependent on the ocean.

The problems facing our oceans

The most urgent problem facing the ocean at the moment is plastic pollution. Reducing one-use plastic, including plastic bags and plastic bottles, has been an important theme for World Oceans Day for a number of years. Climate change and rising sea temperatures are also a huge problem. Rising sea temperatures have a direct influence on weather patterns and are seen as partly responsible for an increase in extreme weather conditions. An increase in carbon dioxide is increasing the acid levels of seawater and putting many marine organisms at risk.  

What we can do to help

On World Oceans Day, wear blue, go on a march, find a beach or river clean-up near you, organise a local event, print a poster and put it in your window, or use the hashtag #worldoceansday on social media. There are so many things you can do on 8 June to join in the celebrations, to remind people about the importance of the ocean in our lives and to make a difference!



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I am from Bangladesh. I live in Dhaka. After reading this article I knew that 8th June is the world's oceans day. The day has a important role in saving our oceans as well as our world.
The ocean made up our world about 70 percent and has tremendous role to our environment keep safe by providing oxygen. It is the major habitats of most of the animals and plants. We get row materials of most of the medicine and food from ocean. It also helps in transport.
Now ocean is in danger. Human are responsible for this condition. So we have to take necessary action to stop oceans pollution. We may aware the people so that they keep sea beaches clean. We should limit the use of plastic and also chemicals in our daily life. Government of every country has to realize that if oceans do not survive than we won't. I like to celebrate world's oceans day by awaring people.

Actually I've never heard about oceans day before, maybe it is because there is no ocean around my country and our people and our government don't care about earth's condition and global warming, etc.
But I know some people in my country who really try to conserve environment they are trying to learn people not to use plastic bottles, bags or glasses less. They are trying to learn people to be kind with environment and animals and I think it is really effective.
Though many people in my country don't care about environment but people are going to be aware. I have some friends that work on these matters, they always discuss with people who use plastic glasses and trying to learn them use those things less than before.
So although there is no oceans day in my country, but there are many people who trying to save the earth. they gather plastic bottles, bags , etc of other people and trying to do a clean-up. I think we shouldn't consider just a day for environment and ocean, we should always care about our earth.

Our country, which is covered by a long sea line, lies in the southeast of Asia. Genuinely, for a long time I just think of the sea with no more than fishes, oil and gas, and tourism. I have no ideas of how important the sea to my life is, such as marine life, single-cell organisms, or so on. But some incidents have happened that made me recorgnise more clearly the role of the sea in my life.
The problems facing our sea in my country are pollution and rising day by day. The first problem is not of one-use plastic, but steel manufactures are crimers killing our sea. In 2016, Formosa, a steel manufacture, wased up all fishes at some provinces in central Vietnam - a first marine life disaster ever in VN. The second problem is the rising sea water, which is increasing some mm per year. We are surrounded by the sea warter, so it is easy to understand what will happen when the water rise, and we are losing soils, houses, productive lands...
Today, we officially recorgnise the importance of the sea to our lives. We make social pages for widely spreading out information. Some models attend clean-up days of collecting plastic bottles and rubbish bags, which will become patterns for other conservation programes in schools or state organisation. But it is shameful that results are still very humble. The steel manufactures are still producing huge number of products without environment scrutiny or report although huge demontrations. The beach is still full of dirt, especially plastic garbage and markets still are using rubish bags for all things you need to take away.

Hi, I reviwed your text:

"My country lies in the southeast of Asia and it is covered by a long sea line. Genuinely, for a long time I though about the ocean as no more than just fishes, oil, gas and tourism.

I had no idea how important the sea life is but after looking at some incidents I had recognized the role of the oceans.

The problems my country is facing are related to pollution and day by day risings of the sea level. The usage of one-use plastic products is not our main problem but, steel manufacturers are killing our ocean. In 2016 a steel manufacturer called Formosa decimated the fishes at some provinces in central Vietnam and this was the first marine disaster ever to happen in Vietnam. The second problem is related to the rising of the sea level, yearly raising by millimiters. We are surrounded by sea water, so it is easy to understand what will happen if the sea level keeps rising. We are losing land, houses and soil due to the rising of the sea level.

Today we officially recognize the importance of the ocean to our lives. And we widely promote awareness by social midia. Some people attend to clean-ups, then this rubbish is sent to other conservation programs in schools or oganizations but it is a shame that results are little.

Steel manufacturers are still producing huge amount of waste material. The beaches are full of dirt, especially plastic. Markets are still using plastic bags for packing.

Or “You can see a lot of dirt along the shore, especially plastic. “ "

Thank you, LincolnMancin, for your review,
I love to read your words.
I have some questions that in case of a writing test is it good to write a sentence alone? (i.e: I had no idea...) And the last paragraph, it may seems no introducing sentence, right?
I had written 3 paragraphs for 3 sub topic: the country, the problems and what is doing. But it's not very clear or even bad.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

The oceans as the lungs of our planet play a vital role in our everyday life
providing most of the oxygen we breathe and providing food and various ecosystems in the communities of the globe .
we celebrate the world oceans day then we encourage people to protect the oceans and its sea life , actually we remind people about the great and major role, the oceans have in our life . we take actions to manage the trash accumulation . reducing the one use plastic productions and avoiding to use plastic bags plays vital role to clean our environment .
we control the recycling systems on the globe to help pure environment .
on the conservation day ,we ll clean up a beach or a river near us.
i will use hashtag the world oceans day on social media and then share a clip about the ocean to celebrate the day.
All the best

Well this is a very informative article I have learned new things the purpose of reading these articles to improve my reading skills is it a good to improve?

It's too important to raise the public awareness about the importance of the oceans to our planet. We need to spread these catastrophic information before talking about the advantages of it to us. I'm so surprised when I look at the facts.

I would save the purity of ocean's water by avoid throwing pollutants in them.

This is a very useful article. It can be given various trainings on special days, seminars, conferences ... should be encouraged to consume less plastic products. recycling studies should be given great importance.