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Episode 04

In the episode Tess and Ravi talk about how they’re feeling, and their guests talk about Bob Marley, an unusual festival and British money. You can follow Carolina’s journey by train from London to Newcastle. Will she catch her train?

Elementary Podcasts

Listen to the podcast then do the first exercise to check your understanding. If you have more time choose some of the language practice exercises.

Check your understanding


Tess and Ravi

Practise the language you heard in Tess and Ravi’s introduction [00:20].

Task 1



Practise the language you heard in the soap opera about Carolina [13:03].

Task 1


Task 2


Tom the teacher

Practise the language you heard in Tom the teacher’s summary [20:10].

Task 1


Task 2




Language level

Intermediate: B1
Pre-intermediate: A2


Hello Lenka,
Well spotted! I've fixed these errors.
Please tell us if you see any others on the site!
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

hello teacher
 i dont understand about British money and prices ,i feel cunfuse please explain me
thank you

Hello Rarunrorn,
We have a video on exactly that topic - you can learn about British money.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

    hello everybody,my name is Runrunrorn and i am a thai ,im very happy to be this member becauce this site helps me to practise in engilsh ,do u agee with me? 
     i have a lot seasons to learn english because when i had 13 year old , i knew a person who makes  me crazy  about him and until now he is the one whom i would like to meet ,he name is Jesse MCcartney i know everyone knows him 
   i like hie voice ,  songs and everything to him, who is talent and very handsome haha so these seasons are why i want to learn english 
       finally, i hape that one day i will have a good chance to meet him and he will know and remember me if we meet each other

"Runrunrorn" >> what a beautiful name!

hello everyone, how are you all ? 
hope this comment finds you all well,
I would like to thank all the great team behind this lovely podcasts, this a nice way and easy way specially with the transcripts to learn English, there are no similar sites as much as this one,
well i would like to meet ravi and tess really i would like both on you, and aslo gordon, but with no jokes, 
thanks dear team waiting for more episodes

Hi everyone,
I'm Hasler, I come from Vietnam. nice to meet all of you. I need to have more friends on the world to talk together. i hope that is a good method to improve my English skills.
this is a very good website.

Hi! Hasler... I am samrat from india,... How are you?

Hi Hasler, nice to meet you.

Hello to everyone,
i'm Fabio, i'm from Italy, Trieste, i'm 42 years old. 
I try to learn english with your podcast, I think it's a very good idea.