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Episode 07

In this episode Ravi is having a bad day and he tells Tess all about it. Their guests talk about the English city of Bath and global problems facing humanity. You can also follow Carolina as she goes away for the weekend with the Conservation Society. Will they have a good trip?

Elementary Podcasts: Tess & Ravi

Listen to the podcast then do the first exercise to check your understanding. If you have more time choose some of the language practice exercises.

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Tess and Ravi

Practise the language you heard in Tess and Ravi’s introduction [00:24].

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Practise the language you heard in the soap opera about Carolina [15:08].

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Tom the teacher

Practise the language you heard in Tom the teacher’s summary [24:05].

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Language level

Intermediate: B1


I think the biggest problem for humanity today is that many people don't green. They waste natural resources such as a lot of water, etc. And a lot use of plastic that can't be recycle. And a lot of waste that produce from many factories. These things destroy over world. The gas produce from electronics, cars, factories and many many other things tear the layer of Ozone. The climate change is happened because our world is becoming unhealthy. And the unhealthy world is caused by human. So, we need to green. BYE !!!!!

I think one of the biggest problems facing humanity nowadays is overpopulation in the cities, maybe if the goberments encourage people to live in the contry-side rather than live in the cities wouldn't be so much people in the cities. If more people would live in the country-side it would be much easier to produce more food all over the world and produce less waste and garbage. At least this is a real problem in South-America.

Thanks for the episode, this is a great site to learn English.

I think the biggest problem facing humanity today is a lot of children uneducated, and a lot of poor people, and Natural disasters.

Good evening everyone
The big problem facing humanity is fighting for energy resources in middle east actually in arabic region and that's cause wars .

Hello guys! Nice to read your opinions about this very important topic. And I suggest that we all have more then one biggest problem facing humanity today. I see how changed our nature, our world and our climite. And it is scared me, because our planete there are a lot of cataclysms, floods, forest fires and diseases. Besides people else changed, many people around the world think only about wealth, expencive cars and houses and other things, only about yourself and never think about other people, nature and enviromental. Maybe God gives cataclysms to us so we changed and will be more kind and careful to each other and enviromental?

The biggest problem facing humanity today is the wide spread global pandemic known as 'Covid-19' that has affects many countries.
The biggest problem for world today is 'Covid-19'.
It's the global pandemic called 'Corona Virus'.

Crucial environmental issues concern ozone depletion, global warming, species extinction, marine habitat destruction and deforestation to name just a few.

I agree the biggest problem facing humanity today is selfishness, poverty and those whose don't feeling of responsibility

I think the biggest problem humanity facing is the inequality.The differences between rich people and poor people are big.Unfortunately,it has been growing.

I think The world has made great progress financially in all decades
And this progress can be seen everywhere. But what threatens humanity is the moral and cultural decline. We couldn't build a world without war, we couldn't do justice and ... .