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Episode 07

In this episode Ravi is having a bad day and he tells Tess all about it. Their guests talk about the English city of Bath and global problems facing humanity. You can also follow Carolina as she goes away for the weekend with the Conservation Society. Will they have a good trip?

Elementary Podcasts: Tess & Ravi

Listen to the podcast then do the first exercise to check your understanding. If you have more time choose some of the language practice exercises.

Check your understanding


Language practice exercises

Task 1

Tess and Ravi 1

Practise the language you heard in Tess and Ravi’s introduction [00:24].


Task 2

Tess and Ravi 2

Practise the language you heard in Tess and Ravi’s introduction [00:24].


Task 3

Carolina 1

Practise the language you heard in the soap opera about Carolina [15:08].


Task 4

Carolina 2

Practise the language you heard in the soap opera about Carolina [15:08].


Task 5

Tom the teacher 1

Practise the language you heard in Tom the teacher’s summary [24:05].


Task 6

Tom the teacher 2

Practise the language you heard in Tom the teacher’s summary [24:05].

Summary: The person who wrote the sentences in the exercise lives in the tropics and likes it there. What he most enjoys doing in his free time is seeing soap operas, as well as sunbathing. He doesn't like doing exercise but he does like very spicy food.


Task 7

Tom the teacher 3

Practise the language you heard in Tom the teacher’s summary [24:05].


Task 8

Tom the teacher 4

Practise the language you heard in Tom the teacher’s summary [24:05].




Language level

Intermediate: B1


Here i'm discus my city Karachi, its history, likes and dislikes.Karachi is the bigist city and business center of Pakistan .Located at the coastline of Arabian sea and have a rich history . Alexander the great are also arrived and stay here for prepare his fleet for betel . The old name of Karachi is Kolachi which was and old balochi women have a full name of My Colachi.These were the old community of the Makran,Balochistan whos establish a small fishing village here. Different time in history many people of mughals and British were playing there role to develop this city.Now a days it is the commercial hub of Pakistan and central Asia . The thing which i like most of this city is that this is a multicultural city and accept everyone of different nation very well.It's also called Uroos-ul-belad mean city of bride and city of light .Karchi have many historical places of british rule an thosend of visitors visit there.

Hi everybody, I want to talk about the biggest problem facing humanity today.

I think the biggest problem facing humanity is the greed of western. they want all the resources of the world. so they don't hesitate to start wars or civil wars in a country. all the wars and the civil wars in the world because of the greed of western. everyday thousands of people are dying in the civil wars.

this is the biggest problem facing humanity, I think.

i'm very interesting if you can visit my country , and if you go hehe, i will take you to the beaches and show you the delicous dishes in my country !

Dear all,

I want to tell you about my hometown, Yogyakarta, or people also call it Yogya or Jogja in short. Actually, it's not the city where I was born, but I had lived in Yogya longer than the city where I was born, so I have more memories about Yogya.

Yogyakarta is a province in Indonesia, located near Central Java. Different from other provinces, Yogyakarta is lead by a King that also a Governor. Yogyakarta is well known as Education City. I lived in Yogya for that reason. I took my study start from Junior High School till University. It has a lot of good schools and universities. Students come to Yogya from other provinces in Indonesia.

Beside its education, Yogyakarta also well known as a tourist destination. It has so many beautiful places to visit, so there are so many tourists come there every year. It has beaches, temples, traditional markets, culinaries, etc.

Anyway, life in Yogya is quite cheap. We don't really need much money to travel in Yogya. Also, we can travel to another place in this city just in short time because almost there is not traffic jam and it has not really wide region. But, the most interesting thing of Yogya is its people who are friendly and care each other.

There is a belief that everyone who ever lived there, will get a curse. The curse is they will miss Yogya and want to be back there again. Based on my experience and some friends, it's true.

Anyway, because Yogya is very special, a group band has a song about Yogya, titled Yogyakarta, a song by Kla Project. I really like this song. It's very beautiful.


It´s a pleasure to meet information for your country, I tell him that I recently saw a photo exhibition entitled “Colors of Asia” and the artista presented photos of Laos, India and obviusly Indonesia, which could see landscapes beatiful and some cultural characteristics about heritage. What it is, that it is, thanks to the British Council network and we had the opportunity to read us.

Greetings from México

Hi, Exekiel. I am so glad to get a comment on this post from you. Was that exhibition held in Mexico? It must have been great. Please visit Indonesia sometime if you had the chance. I always like to visit other countries to get more experience and to enjoy that countries of course. I also want to visit Mexico sometime.

Yeah, I also want to say thanks to British Council which has helped us to learn English and to know much information from all over the world.

Greetings from Indonesia.

Hello Everyone!

Today I'd like to write WHAT IS NOT the biggest problem facing humanity. I have in mind "The global warming" of course. I am the geologist (6 years of studying geology) actually and I can say you that THERE IS NO SUCH THING LIKE GLOBAL WARMING. Certainly the climate of the Earth is changing now but this is totally normal. Our climate changes all the time. I the history of Earth there were warmer periods and colder periods. As same of you certainly know in the history of Earth there were several glaciation periods - when the large part of the Earth was covered with ice. Last glaciation period was about three milion years ago and sometime - maybe ealier maybe later there will be another one. Of course air polution, gas, fuels etc are very bad things for enviroment and we should fight with this -> but this is not the main couse of "global warming". Many people say about CO2 pollution. Certainly CO2 is one of the reasons of climite changing. Ok, human produces CO2 but nature produces CO2 as well and nature produces much more CO2 than human. We don't produce so much CO2 to cause the climate change. The point is that we just can't stop the climate changing. We must take care of environment and nature but climate still will be changing. Maybe it will be cooler maybe warmer, nobody knows.

Your way of view is different from common and interesting. I agree with you that we must take care of environment and nature but we can't stop climate changing.

me too

Hi all,
I think the biggest problems facing humanity today is: global warming. So where is the cause from? Air pollution, fuels, gas,...The bad habits of everybody has impacted, influenced to habitat, ecosystem, and atmosphere. The global warming problems will lead to phenomenon El- nino. It can be make farmer was lost their harvest, weather and temperature changes an unusually and harmful to humans. Besides, we are facing one more other problem the wild animal were hunted, for example: hunting Rhino for their horns, or African elephants are hunted for their tusks.
At the present, William - British Prince is calling everyone protect them by through the project" United for wildlife" in London, UK. Specially, Thu Minh Diva is one of the best famous singer from Vietnam has invited in London by British Prince so that attend for this opening ceremony this project.
Facing to the risk of extinction to wild animals, I supposed we need to real act, join in and calling everyone protect them from hunters. Do you agree with me???

Le Nhung