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Episode 01

LearnEnglish Podcasts is back! Some things are the same (Tess, Ravi and Carolina) and some things are new, for example the presenters. So whether you're new to LearnEnglish Podcasts or have been listening since Series 1, give it a try!

Tess & Ravi

Task 1

Activity 1

What can you remember about Tess and Ravi's conversation?


Task 2

Activity 2

Can you remember what Ravi said about making fish and chips?


Task 3

Activity 3

In this exercise we look at words that describe ways of cooking, ways of preparing food or things you use when cooking.






Language level

Intermediate: B1


Well!I am not good at making food ,but I am good at eating it.

Hi everyone!

I´m from Colombia, I am not a great cook, but I´ll tell you how to prepare an easy and delicious dish. Just need rice, some vegetables, salt, sausages, chicken and few mushrooms. Well, first of all, make the rice mixed with all ingredients. Next, slices the sausages and put into the pan of rice, After that, add salt, shredded chicken and no more. Enjoy your special with a soda


i could not find tessandravi on twitter! does anybodey know how i can find them?

Hello sarasb1010

They are @tessandravi, but I'm afraid they haven't been active in quite a long time. We do have an active twitter account at @LearnEnglish_BC.

I hope that helps you!

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

I like it ..

I can explain recipe for lazy people. You need mixture of frozen vegetables from supermarket and sausage. Slice sausage and put it on pan, after that add vegetables on pan. Add salt and spices. That’s all :)

I am going to write about the traditional Bangali food item that like most. It is a dessert made with flour,milk,sugar oil( mostly vegetable oil) and most important item potatoes. It is well known "Alor Kalujam" Potatoes dessert. There are two cooking style you have use for this recipe.First, all the potatoes needed to boil well and it requires mess up with flour milk and others two ingredients.When the mixture turn into a thick dough your work is half done. Just divide the dough into small pieces and rolled it like football. I's time two use second cooking style it's deep frying the small circle with vegetable oil. And finally you will serve the dishes with sugar syrup. Actually it is the most delicious dish i have ever taste.

hi everyone!!!

First time here, i hope learn a lot, and i hope make friends here......


my recipy is for a light meal that is a traditional fast food in iran. mirzaghasemi that its name come from the name of the man who cooked it for first.
so we need three potatos, two eggplants
, one egg, some garlic and salt, oil, turmeric. ok first of all roast eggplants and put them over to get cold.then sqeeze tomatos and mix them with afew oil in a pan. after that add egg to it. at the end add roasted and crushed eggplant, salt and turmeric. its ready fast and we eat mirzaghasemi with bread. i like invite you iran and cook mirzaghasemi for you.

Anybody heard about Borsch? It’s tradition food from Russia. In order to complete writing part of my learning, I’ll try to describe of how I usually cook it. Here is the recipe. All you need from ingredients are: a cake of meat (I use pork most of the times), potatoes, cabbage, beet, red beans, onion, carrot, sweet pepper and tomatoes paste. Later you’ll need some herbs and salt. First of all, I take a deep pan full of water and put it on the stove in order to boil water. I put a cake of meat and some of chopped onion, carrot, beet and sweet pepper into the pan at once after the stove was turned on. When water is boiled, I’ll have ready bouillon. Meanwhile, the other part of chopped vegetables I fry in hot oil and later, I put there some tomatoes paste. I put chopped cabbage, beet and sliced potatoes into my bouillon and boil it further. In about 10 of 15 minutes when vegetables in bouillon are ready, all I need is just add fried ones there and thoroughly mix it. After use some salt and herbs to complete the whole dish. If you do everything correct, you’ll get red-colored, aromatic soup, that here in Russia we called Borsch. It’s really tasty.
As for fish and chips, that was mensioned by Ravi, here in Russia we have lots of stores and cafes where you can order it. This kind of food can be different, I mean fish and chips as well as fish rolls or something else made by means of frying with oil, all of these are considered to be unhealthy food. What I noticed is true for my country, that kind of food is cheaper than if you would go to restaurant or to market for fresh products. The same situation is in the whole world I guess. Funny, if you take a look on Cook Islands inhabitants, you’ll see that about 90 percent of them suffer obesity. Usually, if person looks fat it means that he or she have rich life and lots of money and on the contrary, most part of Africans look very thin and even emaciated just because of lack of food and clear water. Cook Islands is a country that doesn’t have some factories, works and resources to export except of bananas. Therefore, people are not so reach. Due to its geographic location, all products is delivered from outside and have high price. It turned out that fast food is more preferred food for inhabitants due to much less prices. And if you eat that food too often, you’ll get extra kilograms of fat very soon.