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Episode 01

LearnEnglish Podcasts is back! Some things are the same (Tess, Ravi and Carolina) and some things are new, for example the presenters. So whether you're new to LearnEnglish Podcasts or have been listening since Series 1, give it a try!

Tess & Ravi

Task 1

Activity 1

What can you remember about Tess and Ravi's conversation?


Task 2

Activity 2

Can you remember what Ravi said about making fish and chips?


Task 3

Activity 3

In this exercise we look at words that describe ways of cooking, ways of preparing food or things you use when cooking.






Language level

Intermediate: B1


Hi Gehad, A really happy surprise, I did not expect a person from Egypt to participate here like me, so I invite you to share the training together, but I do not know how we can get to the email so how we can communicate , generally we can participate in the comments, which I always get a notification from her via my email
Welcome again, best wishes

Thanks a lot Mostafa
by the way, I can't find any icons for notifications here, how can you get them?

i get notification Daily via e-mail i was registered in my account , I think that the notifications will certainly sent you via registered email, so try checking your email, In any case, it is a good opportunity to know you.
all my best wishes

Hi guys
I like cooking and baking. My favorite recipe is "Fesenjon". It is not easy or maybe I don't know how to cook it very well. the recipe includes meet, walnut and pomegranate sauce!!
All of those should be boiled together. We serve it by rice. you can cook it with any meet. Maybe you like sweet dishes and add some sugar!


Here goes a recipe for chicken breast with fine herbs, it is simply delicious!

300 grams of chicken breast
1 lemon
1 tablespoon of soy sauce
3 pinches of salt
5 pinches of chopped black pepper
1 tablespoon thyme powder
1 tablespoon dried fine herbs chopped
10 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil to fry the slices.
1 pan for frying
Way to prepare:
First of all, you wash the chicken breast and drain it well, cut it into 1 cm thick slices and put it in a bowl, then you add all the other ingredients, starting with the liquids of the soy and lemon juice and then the rest of the condiments dried by spreading them and stirring them well.
That is what is known as marinating, then light the fire to medium-high and place the pan, you put the olive oil and wait until it is very hot, you place the slices of chicken and you must first seal them with the heat turning them from the beginning to keep their juice for the first 2 or 3 minutes and then let it fry on the first side and when you have an orange color on the bottom then lower the fire to low level and then turn each slice to that brown on the other side and ready! ...
You can enjoy a delicious Chicken Breast with herbs!

Hello everyone!
My favourite recipe is paste with chicken in cheese sauce.
chiken fillet - 200 gr.
paste - 100 gr.
milk - 200 ml.
processed cheese - 100 gr
salt, spices.
First of all, you should slice a chicken fillet. The you should put the chicken fillet in a pan and add a seed oil. This ingridient should be fry about five to seven minutes, then you should add milk to chicken and wait when it will boil. After that it is necessary to add the cheese, salt and spices. Then you should cook that until the momrnt when the cheese melts. You also should cook the paste in ordinary way. After that you need to mix the chicken filler in sauce and paste.

The new is the dish I was prepare today
"tinga de pollo" is like in English chicken in sauce.
the ingredients are:
250 gr chicken shred and cooked
3/4 onion
1/2 cup of olive oil
1 tin chilli chipotle
1 piece of garlic
sal to taste...

My favourite recipe is chicken breast with lemon souce and butter:
Ingredients: one chicken breast,
50 milliliters oil,
100 grams butter,
2 lemons
salt,pepper and
100 grams flour.
Preparation: you will cut the breast chicken in slices. You cover the slices in flour and you deep fry it in hot oil mixed with butter. When it have just been fried you must pour water in a frying pan untill everything is covered. You need to mix it untill you will get a souce with a thicker consistency. At the end, you squeeze lemons juice, you mix everything for 3 minutes and the food is done. I suggest you to eat it with spicy pepper and you can drink a glass of wine. Good meal!

1. pita 2pcs
2. grate cheese 30 gr
3. chickken egg 1 pcs
4. butter 25 gramm
5. salt to taste
6. water 0.5 litre

Preheat the frying pan and fry the butter in it.