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Episode 02

In this episode, Carolina returns. What happened with her and Jamie? What is new in Emily's life? Plus, Adam and Rob talk about the recipes you shared after last week's show.

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How do you say hello to your friends? Do you shake hands? Kiss? Hug? Bow? Perhaps you wai ​like people do in Thailand!

Write to us in the comments and we'll discuss your answers in the next show.


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Intermediate: B1



It depends on the relationship or situation. In friendship shake hands is formal, hug, hand slap or kiss very common by man or woman. Otherwise we use it on a daily basis: good morning, good afternoon and good evening but it's a bit complicated.
Greeting with Hello and Hi feels very relaxed.

Thank you very much!

it depends on relationship, in KSA we shake hands even if we are just normal friends but with close friends we shake hands and kiss on cheeks, with best friends we start with shaking hands and end up with hug .

When I see my friends who are best friends or not best friends, I just say " Hello ". In my country, Myanmar, people are usually just say " Hello " like me but when we see a very old friend we might hug. But we never kiss each other because kissing is a very rude in my country. We usually kiss when we are in relationship you know lovers' relationship and between old people and childreen. Between normal people we never kiss each other. But you are a foreigner from a country kissed regularly, Myanmar citizens will realize when you kiss them. For finally, I forgive you my bad English. I'm not good at English yet.

In my country , we usually hug and kiss each other when we see friend or someone who don't meet him for a long time ,but in this time we must be careful and leave distance between us to protect ourselves from covid-19 and covid-20 - the new various - but with friends that we meet them everyday we just shake hands

Well, nowadays we must keep our distance but in normal times here in Uruguay we hug with friends, hug and kiss with good friends that we haven't seen for a while and just shake hands and say "Hi" to not so close friends.

for best friends by hug
another friends just kiss

Hello everyone. Here in Brazil is very common, when we met our friend, we shake hands and kisses each other. Well, but during this time, according to coronavirus pandemic, we can't do that, then we only shake hands each other. When the normal back, maybe, we can to kisses each other again. I hope it.

Hello everyone,

well! It depends on the relationship
for example, when i see my grandparents usually i kiss them from there hands. However, if it is my friend or my sister ,I hag and kiss them.
but if they are strange people we just shake hands.

Close friends I hug otherwise I shake hands.

Hi there!
When I say hello my friend, I often hug them, although it depends on friends.
If friends is not close I just say "Hi".