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Episode 02

In this episode, Carolina returns. What happened with her and Jamie? What is new in Emily's life? Plus, Adam and Rob talk about the recipes you shared after last week's show.

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How do you say hello to your friends? Do you shake hands? Kiss? Hug? Bow? Perhaps you wai ​like people do in Thailand!

Write to us in the comments and we'll discuss your answers in the next show.


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Intermediate: B1


Hi I'm Bechir from TUNISIA,hugss and  hit the shoulder with hands

Hello everybody
In Dominican Republic people usually kiss on the cheek but it is only from woman to woman,  you only  give a kiss to a man  if you know him very well or he is your friend otherwise you only shake him the hand.
My best wishes  from  Santo Domingo.

Hello Surania, we do the same in Colombia, but a kiss man to man it´s strongly offered by the father/son or a couple gay

Hello everybody,
In my country, people greet each other with “Zdravo”, what means “Hello”. In Serbia, it is customary to kiss three times, on alternate cheeks. If you met someone for first time, you are supposed to shake hands. Make a hug is tipical only for close friends. Kissing three times is not custom only for Serbia. I read that people in other countries such as:  Russia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, the Netherlands and Egypt do it same. I know that it is custom for mentioned Serbias' neighbour countries, but I didn’t know for the Netherlands and Egypt, so if I wrong, my dear mates, please correct me.
Best regards from Serbia.

hi im fufaford from egypt & i want to improve my language to help my kids learning english well
in egypt when we meet an old friend we shake hands & kiss him but we only hug the dear 2 us.thanks

Hi my dear friends,
I have must met this web. Please accept me as new commer.

hi iam marwan from jordan can i meet frinds for chat with him or her

when i see my old freind, well shake hands and give a hug

Hi every body!
I'm from Vietnam. This is my first comment. I'm very happy when the podcast be back with the third series. And another special thing is Carolina and her boy friend still together.
Oh! When we meet an old friend we usually shake his/her hand and say "Oh! Hi! Long time no see. How are you?". The way to greet an old friend depends on how close you have been, how old your friend is and your friend's sex

Cool! But speaking speed of speakers is too slow for me. Could you tell me whether you have INTERMEDIATE podcasts, please? By the way, in Japan, men say hello to their friends and shake hands, but seldom give a hug. On the other hand, women often hug after saying hello.