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Episode 02

In this episode, Carolina returns. What happened with her and Jamie? What is new in Emily's life? Plus, Adam and Rob talk about the recipes you shared after last week's show.

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How do you say hello to your friends? Do you shake hands? Kiss? Hug? Bow? Perhaps you wai ​like people do in Thailand!

Write to us in the comments and we'll discuss your answers in the next show.


Language level

Intermediate: B1


In Russia we usually shake hands friends and hug close friends

hello everyone and welcome back to carolina really i like her accent too
thank you for the team  of this wonderful site

In Italy we hug and kiss our friends we are generally very friendly.

Hallo! Chinese shake the hand, when they see first time. But some young people hug eath other, say hony, homosexy, or hetersexy people. that interesting.

we usually shake our hands and we like to ear this special sound (like a clap).

We say "Assalam-o-Alaikum" and shake hands in Pakistan and almost in all Muslim countries... If we meet them after a long period of time then we hug them as well...

Could you tell What does it mean "Assalam-o-Alaikum"?

hello edvb,
"Assalamu -alikum" meens peace Allaha be upon you

"Asalam-O-Alayk" is Arabic and means "Hello".

In Algeria when I see my old friends I hug them.