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Episode 03

Tess and Ravi discuss a topic that many British people like to talk about all the time - can you guess what it is? Adam reports on some of the different ways you said you greet each other.

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Tell us about the climate in your country.

Is it always the same or does it change a lot? What are the best times of year and the worst? What temperature do you think is a hot day and what temperature do you think is a cold day?


Language level

Intermediate: B1


I originally from sri lanka, now i am in Melbourne Austalia. The weather here is very similar to Britain. That is one thing i love to be here.All four seasons in one day. Always we looking forward to see the change. That is very possitive. The life is never boaring in Melbourne. I mean never feel tired. Anyway the weather in Sri Lanka is completely different. Very humid. People never talk about the weather unless it is very impprtant.

Hi, in my country we have four seasons, but I like spring and summer the most, because in spring flowers and trees bloom and in summer the market is full of fresh fruits and vegetables. In summer I have my long holiday and I love swimming in the lake.
And about temperature : in winter if the temperature is below 10 degree so that feels really cold in my city, because here the climate and air is wet. In summer , if the temperature is above 20 degree it is really hot. I don't like when it's too hot, because I might start to sweat. Thank you for your podcasts.

In my country .the climate is changeable depends on the season, it’s mean the winter season is raining most of the time. we have four seasons which include winter,spring , summer and Autumn. my best time is a winter season because all my family’s gather around fireplace and l like to wear the winter clothes. my worst season is spring because I ’m allergies to flowers,so I can not take breathing .

The weather in Brazil is very hot all year long!We are a tropical country,so there are a lot of hot days here in Brazil.

The weather in Palestine is temperate. Spring monthes are absolutely fantastic which are from March to June. The worst month in the country is Auguest when humidity exceeds 100% and temperature reaches more than 50 °c in some regions.

In Algeria the weather is cold and rainy and sometimes snowy in winter, but it's very hot and dry in summer, I think the best season for most people here is spring because there is a temperate climate and you can see a wonderful view at the countryside, all the fields are green

I live in KSA the weather in general is very hot in summer and in winter is very cold but some country the weather is temperate.

Hello, I am in Vietnam. The climate in my country is different in Britain. We have two seasons a year, a wet season and a dry one. Its rainy in the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th month of the year. The weather is hot around the year so I don't know what the best or the worst time is. I think in the 11th, 12th, 1st of month, the weather is better than the other months, the weather is not too hot.
Normally in my country, at noon, the weather is the hottest, it can be reach 38 degree centigrade. In the evening, when the sun goes down completely, the weather will be cool, but not cold.

The climate in our country is change a lot Very hot in summer and very cold in winter the best time is when winter start and the worst is the summer there are a lot of humidity,hot wind and dusts.

Can "raining" be used in the present perfect?
A well known text book says that "How long has it been raining?" is in the present perfect.

Do they mean present perfect continuous or is raining a gerund?

Hope you can enlighten!