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Episode 03

Tess and Ravi discuss a topic that many British people like to talk about all the time - can you guess what it is? Adam reports on some of the different ways you said you greet each other.

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Tell us about the climate in your country.

Is it always the same or does it change a lot? What are the best times of year and the worst? What temperature do you think is a hot day and what temperature do you think is a cold day?


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Intermediate: B1


Hi, my name is Breno and I'm from Brazil. In my country, the weather is the same. It is always very hot. It raining only in the summer. And not to do cold. I never saw snow.

Hello everyone! In São Paulo we also have 4 seasons in a day and I think its not so good. I agree with Ravi and we never know what kind of clothes we can use and we have to charge the umbrella all the time.

Hello from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
The weather here is pretty hot especially in summer when temperature reaches 40-43!!!, but we got used to it.
Actually, my favorite season is Autumn when it rains heavily here.
although temperature here reaches 17 no less, we feel so freeze(:

Hello!I am from Russia. Probably, you think the weather in Russia is coold, but it is false. I live in Voronezh and the weather here is brilliant. We have snow in winter and we have a hot summer,too hot(probably),the temperature averages from -5to -10 in the winter and from +27 to+35 in the summer.

In Greece, normally- but, unfortunatelly, typically during the last forty years- we used to have four beautiful, seasons, like all the Mediteranian countries.But now, year after year,we see tremendous climate changes.There are no longer those great separate seasons with their own distinct features.There is no longer those flowering quartely springs and those melancholy but still beautiful autumns.There are more or less, two main ''seasons'', summer and winter. And during these seasons, we often have extreme weather phenomenon....So the temperature averages from -15 to 20 Celsius degrees in the winter and 25 to 40 degrees in the summer...

Comment for episode 3
Hello everyone! From Italy La Spezia
The climate in my town is temperate in outumn and spring some times rains . When come the winter the time it is a bit freezing , the climate become wet and there are about three or five degrees .
The best time for the weather in my town is summer , hot sunny day and dry .
I think that thirty-six degrees it is ok for a hot day , cold day between five or ten degrees!
Now probably will the snow , it's freezy time !

Hello every on
In my country weather id do varied I mean we have 4 seasons but actually , some cities experience extreme weather for example in the south climate is hot and only in the winters people turn off their coolers as in some another in the north-west are frizing.
by the way during the season the climate is permanent and capable to forecast.
Here the spring is amazing and I think the summer is the worst season.

To sum up our country mostly located in a dry and hot climate.
Lately there is some changing is happened in the world and I can see this changes that are manifested as unforeseen floods and some shower rains and winds.
I hope everything goes well and we can all together save our home the beautiful earth.

Hi, hanni from Egypt!
first of all I'm in love with the weather of Britain.. actually not just Britain the north of Europe in general because the idea of having a changeable weather is great, in my country we don't have that and it's so boring!.

Hi everyone, I am from Vietnam, so the climate is tropical. We just have 2 seasons: dry and rainy. In the dry season, the weather is very hot and the highest temperature up to 39 degrees Celcius. About the rainy season, it rains all the day that causes the flood. In my city, it's so terrible when it's rain, it makes the traffic jam and drown. I wish I can touch the snow in the winter.

The climate in my country (Ukraine) is very different. In summer, temperatures can be 40 degrees above 0, and the weather can be very dry or wet, rain and thunderstorms. In winter, the weather is mostly wet or frosty with snow. The temperature can be 20 degrees below 0 and once every 10 years can be 40 degrees below 0.