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Episode 05

Tess and Ravi talk about football and hooligans in the UK and how things have changed. Adam is on holiday so we only have Rob this week.

Tess & Ravi

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Tell us something about football. Which team do you support? Why? What do football fans do in your country? What happens at football matches?

If you don’t like football, tell us why not?

Send us your comments and we’ll talk about your answers in the next podcast.



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Intermediate: B1


I love english league and I encourage chelsea and the favorite player is drogba I hope I write it well that’s all see u next episode.

In my country, I support a team called Al Ittihad.
I like it because it's strong and I was raised to love it. He has won more and more trophies and is always on top.
but now Unfortunately, things have changed with his players and managers changing.
Our football fans like competition and
In a football match they use special songs for their team.
Recently women have been allowed to attend the matches and I am happy about that

Good evening everyone
I fancy in playing football when I was a kid every day I played but now I have injuried in my knee so I need surgery otherwise I can't play. I suppose to do it next year. I support Oman national team. Also my city club team called Alrustaq team.

I am not a fan for any team club. I don't like football at all, but if it's the team of my country and there is a prize of them then I will absolutely watching it.

Actually most of omani girls like you because still culture effects in that also there isn't satiable stadium for girls

Hi everybody!

I came from Poland. When I had been little child, my uncle named me Pele ;)) Yes, football was a popular sport in Poland even in communism TV.

Football is still popular now there. In Poland is many football clubs and many different football teams in different towns and cities. Example: Warsaw "Legia" and Krakow "Wisła", sometimes fans of these teams do not like each other. Hooligans of different football teams beats other hooligans of other football teams. But they have a stadium ban if were using violence. Sometimes they use smooggle flares during matches and the matches are stopping because a smoke is too big. Sometimes the hooligans show controversial posters during the matches like anti-Semitism, racism or homophobia.

But of course many matches is calm and many families watch it at the stadiums and many football fans have good emotions for this sport.

football is the most popular sport in the world more than half world
population consider themselves fans. I support FC Barcelona because they got 5 champions league and they have the best players in the world . the people in my country they support the teams like the others fans anywhere by They flutter the club flag and say specific words.

Football is a universal sport activity and it's known for it popularity globally as we have football competition like World Cup.
I support Enyimba team of Nigeria.
I supported them because they had efficient management and technicalities that enhances their performances.
They supported their team by watching matches and buying tickets.
In a football matches two teams play one another, and the one with the highest goal win the match as it's being supervised by a referee and watched by crowds and fans.

Hello everyone, I'm live in Brazil. Football is very important here. I'm a Flamengo fan , but i don't understand much about it.

Regards to everybody.
I am not a football fan. but I would see it if I was with somefriend that I love too much.I used to watch football with my family when I was a child, but now I am into my own thing.