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Episode 06

Carolina wants a job to solve her money problems, but will she find one? Adam is surprised about your opinions of football!

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Intermediate: B1


My favorite time of a day is at late night. I like to stay up late at night but my parents don't let me stay up late at night because you know this is very unhealthy. I don't like get up early in the morning I want to get up at 10:00 Am around but my parents want me o get up early. So you know that's funny between my parents and I.

My favourite time of the day is at nigth, becouse it is my free time to do things like watch some TV, read, take a look in my social media and of courses sleep. I spend all my Day working or looking after my Child so at nigths I just can take a break and it is quite good for my.

Hello!! Thanks for your lessons, they help me very much. In this podcast manager said Carolina 'See you on Thursday at half past six'. When Adam tought us and repeated this phrase he said 'See you on Thursday at six o'clock'. It's a small mistake about time. It isn't important for topic of the lesson.

Thank you Britsh Council for the lessons. I love you guys Tess, Ravi, Tom, Adam, Carolina, Jamie and Emily.

Hi Joelma,

Thanks for your nice message :) We hope you enjoy your English practice here.

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The LearnEnglish Team

My favorite time of day is in the morning especially after fagr prayer to 12 or 1 p.m . I like this time very much so my favorite meal is breakfast . I love this time because I can do the most of my works in it . All of my subjects I study it in the morning especially if I want to understand a lots of information . Even on holidays I like this time, I can do many things like drinking a coffee , doing my workouts , walking , reading a book, cooking ,etc. In the real , if I wake up late I will hate this day and I think I will not achieve any thing .

My favourite time of day it depends on the season, in winter I prefer the afternoon and in summer I prefer the early morning because it's not to hot or cold. In summer I use to get up early and go to bed late in the evening, at night I like to read a little bit before sleep. In the winter I like to wake up late if I don't have to work but not to late, I use to get up before 10:00 in the morning. Sometimes in the summer if I've got a busy morning I like to take a short nap in the early afternoon to recover some energy for the rest of the day, because I spent more hours awake in summer rather than in the winter.

Thanks for the episode.
Great site!

Hi everyone!

Good evening everyone
My favorite time early in the morning if I sleep early at night. I fancy to wake up to pray and go to work. Also in the weekend , I go walking or swimming. Sometimes I like read books. However I feel active in the morning and in good health. Actually quite time to get relaxing and fresh air. Perhaps my work early that effects me for routine. But it doesn't make sense for many people.

My happiest time is in the morning because everyone are sleeping and no noise at all it is kind of peace and relax .