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Episode 06

Carolina wants a job to solve her money problems, but will she find one? Adam is surprised about your opinions of football!

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Tell us about your favourite time of day. 

Are you happiest in the morning or at night? Or maybe in the afternoon?


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Intermediate: B1


Hello greeting from colombia.
well I have no special part of the day to say but if I most choose one I would chose the afternoon because either you can get up early or late and you enjoy it all the same, when I was a child I used to wake late, in fact I didn't like studying at morning that's why I only made 9 grade at that time the others I do in the afternoon, I do not like wake up so late, I often do between 5-7 everyday, plus I love sunday coz that my day off, so I can meet up with my friend, go to the theater with my girl, maybe take soon beer to cool off and enjoy the life. that's all for now.

I've hated getting up early since I was a kid, but I've had to get up early since I was six years old. so I'm very unhappy in the morning. My favourite time of the day is afternoon in particular after work because I usually go to the gym or play tennis, the things I like most. I also love to sleep before it is too late. If I don't sleep at least 8 hours, I wake up very miserable and deppresive.

Hi everyone. For my, the favorite time of the day is afternoon, just after work.When I come home about 4 p.m I like spent time with my family, especially with my son and daughter. Then we can speak what we were do during the day, what happened in the school or in the work.That time is only for my family because work is not whole life. Also I like learning English with Elementary Podcast British Council or watching movie on the web, which English is not difficult, not advanced because my English is not very advanced. I like cook in the evening too for my family, and after walk with my dog.

I would always love waking up early in the morning so as i can make use of that time by reading because i enjoy reading, and getting up early make me feel cool and energetic the whole day but it's a struggle to get up in mornings in the winter season and have late night sleep anyway i hope i can do everyday. And I suppose i may enjoy at night after my marriage but not now.

I am having confusion of using prepositions at places. When to use in, on and at?
for eg.
'i am in the train' or 'i am on the train',
'i am in the bus' or 'i am on the bus',
'i am in the car' or 'i am on the car',
'i am in the railway station' or 'i am at the railway station'
'i am in the Airport' or 'i am at the Airport'

Hello sarang_b,

Native speakers tend to use 'on' with the 'bus', 'train' and 'plane', but 'in' with the 'car'. With stations and airports, you can use 'in' or 'at'. In this case, 'in' means you are inside the building, whereas 'at' is more general - for example, you could say you're at the airport when you're actually outside the building parking your car. But you could also say 'at' when you're inside the terminal already.

As you can see, prepositions are often used quite irregularly in English! The more you read and hear them, the better.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

My favourite time of the day is night. At that time, I feel relaxed and no one can interupt me. Therefore, it is a great time for me to listen to my favourite kinds of music, making my own food and lying on the sofa to watch TV. Especially at night on Saturdays, I like taking care of my bonsai. Seeing them grow is very happy to me. What's more, I like staying along at night because I feel better after do this.

My favorite part of day is the morning of Friday, it’s week end in Algeria, I fell very well at this moment because no stress of work, I go shopping then meet my friends at the cafeteria talking about our week’sadventures

For working my favorite time is in the morning, because I get more concentration at this time. In my country this way of begining the day it's easier in spring and in summer, due to sun rising earlier in the morning, as in winter or in autumn.
But for my leisures at the weekend or on other days I h'd better having my activities in the afternoon or in the evening. For instance for jogging I'm more efficient at these moments, it's exactly that I did yesterday afternoon..

I'm so excited because of the fact that I'm going to have job interview an hour later. This job is something like waiter so I can say it's like Carolina's job. I have learnt something about job interview from Carolina's experience which is so beneficial.

I want to share good news with you. Wish me luck!!

I will be happy, if you correct my mistakes. Thanks a lot