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Episode 07

Adam and Rob discuss your favourite times of day. Also, Tess and Ravi talk about something British people love, but most people hate!

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How do you feel about queuing?

If you’ve been to Britain, do you think it’s true what Tess and Ravi said – are the British good at queuing? 

How about queues in your country? Do people queue up politely or do they jump the queue? Do you jump the queue?

We’d love to hear from you - write your answers in the comments.


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Intermediate: B1


I hate very much waiting in queue. But I respect other people those who stand in queue and I will be polite, In my country many people do not obey these queue rules that is annoying things many times.

Good evening everyone
Nowadays in anywhere there's queue to organize people and give everyone turn so I think everyone must respect queuing. If there exceptional circumstances will people except it. However in Oman everyone applicable queuing and everyone respect it but a little people try to jumping it. I respect queuing because gives me my right. If I feel hurry first I take permission from all people in front of me and give him reason.

My regards

Queuing is very boring and annoying thing for me. But rules are rules you didn't jump the queue

I don't like queuing at all because it is very boring and I always jump the queue when I have something emergency.

I also hate queuing, yesterday i waited in the bank. it's so boring!

I hate queues! People are very rude and the wait is so boring.

Waiting matters more than the length of the wait.

How about queues in your country? Do people queue up politely or do they jump the queue? Do you jump the queue? In Brazil most people don't stand politely in queues.they are always jumping it.I never do it.I like to respect the rules.

Hi there !
Please, could you explain the difference between “to be upset about” and “to be upset with” ? In the task 5 appeared following example: “His wife left him last year and he's still upset about it.” In other texts I have seen “to be upset with”, not with preposition “about”. I guess (but I’m not sure) that “to be upset about” is used related with a situation and “to be upset with” is used in connection with a person.
“I’m upset with you. “
“I’m upset about it (about your behaviour etc ).”
Thank you very much for all your hard work !

Hello clauvera2016

Yes, what you suppose is correct: with 'upset', normally we use 'about' to speak of a situation and 'with' to speak about a person.

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team