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Episode 08

Jamie has a surprise for Carolina, who is already quite excited about her new job. Meanwhile, Rob and Adam have been waiting patiently since the last episode to talk about queuing.

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Have you ever been in a band? What was the name of your band? What musical instrument do you play? What style of music do you play? Are you still playing? And, if not, why did you stop?

We love reading your comments and we reply to some of them each episode.


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I haven't been in any band and I didn't bought any musical instrument ,but I played piano and guitar when I was in the school.

I bought a guitar two years ago, I was trying to play it but I don't know how I do that, I watched a tutorial on youtube but it was very boring and now I think I have to sale it

Hi! I haven’t been in a band group. But only one time I have played piano of one of my friends.

I have not.

Thanks Guys for another wonderful podcast!it's helping me a lot.Thank you so much for doing this.Cheers from Brazil!

Hello everyone! I used to be in a “Tuna”. A Tuna is a musical ensemble made up of students who sing popular songs accompanied by various instruments, especially strings and dressed with a cape. I played the “Tiple”. It is similar to a guitar but It has twelve strings and It’s a little smaller than a guitar. When I was at eighth grade I learned how to play the Bass. Also in my last year at school I played the guitar. The bad thing is I don’t remember How to play neither the Tiple nor the Guitar. But I will practice!

I have not played any instrument but, I want to play drums or sax. When I was ten years my uncle try to teach me to play guitar buy only I had two classes so I could not learn to play guitar. I have been interested in play drums but I have not had an opportunity to take a classes of it because it is very expensive.

I haven’t been playing the guitar since I was 15 and I am not great player like I was. Because I haven’t been playing the guitar for years! I didn’t have enough time! I had to prepare for exams and I have got a lot of things to do. And I didn’t have a band, because all my classmates or friends didn’t know how to play any musical instrument! I played for my relatives, parents and sometimes for my friend’s birthday, but I have never played guitar in streets. I think I would be very nervous if I played on. I think it isn’t interesting for me now.

As for me, I’ve never been in a band but I used to make music alone by myself when I was a kid. Lots of my free time I listened to electronic style of music, I’d say I was hooked on it. Therefore, I thought what if I start to make mine. There were different instruments for making it, virtual ones basically in the internet and among mine were such as Fruity Loops and Mu tools. Some of my compositions were published in internet at some musical sites and after got some good comments from other musicians. One of my last work called “A New Zealand Trip” I made with collaboration of my friend living in Australia, another musician but playing a guitar. We made a clip from video record of his vacation trip. Soundtrack is mine and a video is his. Name of my creative project was “Arrioph”.
As I said before I used to do my hobby being a kid but nowadays I don’t. There are lots of other things I’m interested in now. Frankly said I can’t affirm that I lost my interest to music creation at all. Sometimes when my leasure time and having my wish I do a bit and continue listening to some styles of this kind of music.

How are you doing? I like to listen to music especially "The Beatles" but I hate playing a musical instrument. When I was 13 I was playing the guitar but eventually, I couldn't stand it. Have a nice day, see you tomorrow.