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Episode 10

Carolina has a new job, but does she enjoy it? Rob and Adam talk about all the different things that you drink.

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Do you like your job – or your studies or your school?

We’d like to hear what you like or what you don’t like about your job. Is it interesting and exciting or is it boring and badly paid?


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Intermediate: B1


Hello everyone,
Actually, I am a student and I hope one day to have a job in an official agency.

I have started a job in 2017 at a Telecommunication company and still there also that is my first professional job. Sometimes I am happy with that, sometimes not. I am planning to shift abroad as soon soon as possible.

I'm a student at pharmacy College, I'd love to help people with choosing a correct medicine, but as you know I have to remember all the information about the drug
like drug's indication and their side effect ...etc
I'm working hard to be a good pharmacist

I was working in small restaurant as a waiter, what i like in this job i can eat some food get to know some of the customers and i gained some skills like: flexibility and efficiency, what i don’t like there was no regulation but i was exciting because it was my first job but now i want to attend a university.

Healthy food in general is the best option to eat and drink. Therefore, in my knowledge of British culture, the best drink might be tea. But on the other hand, if I have to decide only on the flavor, I have to say a classic ginger from there.

Hello everyone!At the moment I am just studying Software engineer at university.I like it very much.

Hi there !
I'm a speech therapist in Romania. I enjoy treating people who have difficulty speaking. I work especially with children from 5 to 9-10 years old. Most of them either don't pronounce very well one or more sounds of language, either have troubles in writing or reading at school. I work with small groups of children and at the end of the activity all pupils receive homework which they have to do with their parents or grandparents. If they work after my advice and guidance, the progress won’t be late to appear in a relatively short time. I love working with children and seeing how their pronunciation get better and better every week.

Hi everyone. I'm in an internship so this is my first job. I'm a waitress at a restaurant in Vietnam. It's a buffet restaurant so it's really busy. But I have learnt many new things at there. I can practice speaking English with my foreign customers everyday. But a thing I don't like is I'm not comfortable with my shoes. I have to stand 8 hours per day, my feet have really hurt everyday. I asked to change other shoes but my manager didn't allow me to do. So I think this is the worst thing at the restaurant.

Hi! I am Ángel i am an actuary I have work for a health company for two years. I like my work because I can prove all benefits of our solutions through cost-benefit and cost-effective models, in addition to this, I love that my knowledge can help indirect to patient. In the other hand, I dislike the lack of planning in some projects because this causes delays or reprocesses.

Sometimes I like my job and sometimes I don’t ... it depends how things going on