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Episode 10

Carolina has a new job, but does she enjoy it? Rob and Adam talk about all the different things that you drink.

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Do you like your job – or your studies or your school?

We’d like to hear what you like or what you don’t like about your job. Is it interesting and exciting or is it boring and badly paid?


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Dear British Council team,

In the first section (Adam and Rob), in the following part, "Most people in Nepal are used to drinking milk tea, which is made by mixing milk, sugar, fermented tea leaf granules and spices." I can not hear the word "leaf" during the audio. Please could you explain me if this is due to the pronunciation.

Hello Ulbester,

You're right - Adam doesn't say the word 'leaf' in that part of the text. The phrase makes sense both with and without the word 'leaf', however, so the meaning is the same.

Thanks for pointing this out to us!

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

hi, I hate my job I'm a security guardian in a shoping mall and I do not like my job it's the most boring job on the world, When i'm working the time doesn't past the shifts are twelve hours and i have to stand a dude costumers all day and stuped managers hwo don't let me speek whit the selsgirls, and the salary is ridicule. I'll change it soon or at least i hope so. Wish me luck.

I work as assistant cost controller at a company has agencies for global cafes & restaurants at airports all over the world at Hurghada airport in Egypt really I don't like my job so much ,I feel little boring because I usually work alone in the work office there's nobody to talk with and my shift is 8 hours , & normally salary is very bad in Egypt and my head department doesn't share me in final reports he prefers the other assistant than me although my grade at university qualification better than them .

Hi every one.I love my's enjoyable but the unique problem is the daily terrible traffic which makes me feel bored and worried about being late. Some times I reached tired because of this bad traffic and that makes me inactive in my work.

Hi English Team
I want to ask about exercise 6, question 3 in series 3,episode 10
when some one asked me "How do you do?".Is it correct to answer "How do you do"> I think the best answer is "I'm very well thanks".
Thank you for your efforts.This is amazing and usfeul exercise.

Hello hayaalqasem,

The answers are correct: "How do you do?" is one standard reply to "How do you do?". People will understand if you say "I'm very well, thanks" in response to it, but it is not a standard reply.

Best wishes,

The LearnEnglish Team

I'm enjoying  my work .Teaching job is very nice job ,It helps me to increase my information and to have good experience in many things .I like my students so much and  I've  good relationship with them.Some times . I get stress because there are many responsibilities have to be done  and I like to do them perfectly. 

Hi, I love my job. I am an Analyst Programmer. So part of my job is talk to people and gather information. This way I meet different people. The other part of my job is to convert that information into computing solutions. I never get bored because every so often, I go through the same cycle. When I move to a new project, it is completely different from the one before it. So I learn about new stuff all the time. It is great and I am thoroughly enjoying myself.

In fact, I'm fed up finding a job. I need to get council.