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Episode 13

Tess and Ravi talk about politeness and Adam reads your comments about going to the cinema.

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Do you think British people are polite or not? Tell us about your experiences – good or bad! And how about in your country? Do you think people in your country are polite or not?


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hi i am from nepal . i am very happy to be here in this page. and i am a new member of this page also . i have really very weak english so i wanted to make it improve by using verious tools provided here and if any one could help me by giving some ideas to improve it or any tools or verious website i would be really greatful to them. here about politness i saw various coment and post i also want to share my opinion , in Nepal we used to thanks people while they feels some help, support, and good things from the others  like british culture we also have similiar ways of expressing thanks and greeting.  thank you . NAMASTE !

Good day everyone,
Hi Adam, thanks a million for highlighting my comment again. I am thrilled to know that my little piece of advice about learning English caught the attention of The LearnEnglish Team.
According to the podcast, I definitely agreed that generally British people are very polite and very good at making up with word. Ten days ago my friends and I went to the top notch restaurant in HK to have a Sunday Champagne brunch to celebrate my friend's b-day. Soon after we arrived at the hotel, the waiter came to our table & asked me what would I like for a drink; Champagne / Sparkling juice? I've no idea what do I want to drink myself; suddenly my friend said "she doesn't drink alcohol, so Sparkling juice would be fine for her, please". Finally, I said can I try Sparkling juice without saying please. Later on, my friend remind me to be more polite by using more "please, thank you, excuse me, etc". At the end of our party, I tried to practice using more polite English word with everyone; also trying to play with word in English.
Regarding politeness in my country. Well, I think we are quiet polite as a nation; eventhough we didn't use 'please, thank you,excuse me, etc' as much as our British counterpart did. We, Indonesian generally speak very politely, softly (we considered someone polite as long as they speak softly not shouting and yelling, smile while they speak and look at someone that they are talking to & I think we are generally an eloquent community; we could even speak very comfortably to a complete stranger for the first time we met. I remembered 3 yrs ago, we'd a new neighbour (French family) who moved in to our building, as soon as we'd a chance we'd a quick chat on the 1st day we met (we live in a high-rise apartment) & from then on whenever I met one of them I always said 'hi, good morning/afternoon, or just asked the kid some simple questions out of politeness & they told us that they thought we are a very charming people.
The best of luck for all members of the elementary podcast.
Best regards,

Umi Zahrok

hello, can i install the seris 03  to my android,,i have just seris 1 and 2, so how can i get this one,?

Hi Ranim i'm having seam i wish if you could do it jest tell me 
thanks  a lot  

Hello Ranim,
You could use a podcasting app, like Listen, to subscribe to the podcast. Try clicking on the RSS link on the podcast index page.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

ok thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.

I install 1 and 2 on my android too. but i recomend that you download series 3 and listen it by music player on your phone
wish happiness

thanks Maryam, I will try it

never mind dear. don't mention it. you're welcome

hi every one , i am so glad to participate to these lessons to improve my language , hope so !
about the episode and politeness i think it differs from country to another , and i agree with all your opinions about British that they are polite. My cousin are married from a British man and he is very polite not only in talking but his acts also .... he still opens the door car for her .