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Episode 13

Tess and Ravi talk about politeness and Adam reads your comments about going to the cinema.

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Do you think British people are polite or not? Tell us about your experiences – good or bad! And how about in your country? Do you think people in your country are polite or not?


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Hi gays 
i first time here and it's good idea to writ in the post and  add comment  if i have any mistake please crochet 
and tolled me where  is my 
mistake about subject polite 
 .i think  the polite not what he say but what he doing
Rashd from Libya 

hi every body,
i can't judge if the British people are polite or not because I don't know any Britain person.but it looks polite ;they use a lot polite words like good morning, thank you , I'm sorry, please....
in my country , majority of people are polite.
my opinion is: we must never judge people by what they say, but by what they do.
thank you, have a nice day....

hey there everyone,I'd like to share my opinion about this British polite thing..
well, personally i think that it's not fair to judge anyone or Any country on the appearance..czZ people let us see just what they want us to the person may be good & totally polite but what's showing-on by his/her side is completely the opposite like it may be the whole opposite by being bad & pretend being in general we should not pre-judge czZ we may be wrong As we may get disappointed...
P.S: even know that almost everyone knows that British people are kind of polite!!!

Yes, I think British people are very polite. They always use polite words for asking or answering questions, and even some times it seems to polite. But I like it, and it makes you feel good, and respect when some one talks to you like that, and it makes you talk the same way. When some one is that polite with you it makes you fell better, and even your humor changes. In Spain, where I'm from, people is actually very rude, they usually forget about polite words, and that, i think, is part of the culture and the education. Definitely, I rather be polite like the British people, than rude like Spanish country.

hi every one
 I don't know about British polite, because I don't know any Britain person  but in my country people seems to be nice and polite in some cases.

I am from in Istanbul. Yes, British people is so polite than many countries. I had been to Chicherter for two years ago so in there, public bus drivers, conductors, cashiers, etc
who was always saying good morning, thank you, please etc. When I was just heared that these polite words I felt very well and positive. In my country, we are not much use ''please''. I started to use them after the UK visit. sometimes little weird but it is OK.
Have wonderful day!
With Love

Hallo every one,
For my experience I just met with two persons from Britain ,they were polite,
one of them was very polite and other was less.
for my country that is  Iraq unfortunately the most  were impolite but there are high rate of polite people .my opinion about Britain I think maybe they polite with them self but  they had ugly  historic with other community .I am sorry but this is the truth 

Hi every one
I have some English teachers, some of them come from Australia, America and only two of them are English. But all of them speak English, of course, and they all teach me English culture, too. I have found that English people are very polite through what I learnt and when I contacted with my English teachers.
Today, in my country there is a big problem in education not only at schools but also in many families. It's really a shame to say so about my country but it's real. Many people, especially the youth in the city, having bad act and words in the public places. Fortunately, there are still many families keeping the traditional education way, and most of them are from the countryside.
In my opinion, education is the most important factor to build a polite person then a polite society.

Hi every body,  I am from Tunisia. I am new at this and I hope not making mistakes when I Write. Personally, I think people are not longer polite as old days. And I agree that English people looks polite because they use a lot polite words. but I think polite reside in thinking not in words. For example you can find people who knows how to speak and looks very polite. But in the reality they are mean persons, and they just not say what have in minds. In contrast there are persons who doesn't know how to speak and looks like they are impolite and when we know them more we discover that they have kind hearts.  Speaking about the movies, The best film I ever saw is The American  film Gladiator. About Tunisian films I don't like them a lot. 

i am nisha.where is carolina today.i would like to listen carolina's conversation.but it's ok and also like to improve my English knowledge and speaking English.thanks and have a nice day for everyone.