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Episode 13

Tess and Ravi talk about politeness and Adam reads your comments about going to the cinema.

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Do you think British people are polite or not? Tell us about your experiences – good or bad! And how about in your country? Do you think people in your country are polite or not?


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Intermediate: B1


hello every one it's a big pleasure to join you; referring to thepodcast  i can see that people in England are very polite ; i think that in any country the people had to converse with these polite  words to keep respect with each other; for example in ALGERIA we see "yaaychec"(God let you live longer), it replaces "please" in English ; or "saha"(health) to express our gratefulness; i agree with  Ketiru when he says "please is a magic word"; in Algeria we have a proverb which means that the sweet tongue can suckle the lioness; and i see that the politeness depends on the level of civilization of people; with this polite behavior and polite words , we make understand the other that , i can see you , i respect you , i tolerate you...

hi guys i am very happy because tray to writhe in British council wall i can"t toke English and i can"t right but i tray to make any thing in my life and i hope help me i need and i need to toke English very very good 

hi fatoma,
I am very happy for your know english very well actually.go ahead.good luck.Thanks.

hi fatoma
I believe that you can speak English easily very soon. you made some mistakes in your text. but if you try and pay attention you can correct all.
wish happiness

Hi mate, I'm from Italy.
The Italian people often don't say "Thanks" or "Sorry" but they aren't impolite. In fact we use a particular language inflection that stands for "Thanks" or "Sorry", even if we don't say precisely these words. Therefore, often those who don't speak Italian very well might misunderstand and judge us very impolite! Ohhhh! Excuse me, actually, my English isn't very well. It's really bad! I'm sorry! I hope I was clear! Anyway, I think the British people are always very polite. I often have been in England and I have got a lot of British friends and they are always more and more polite than some Italians.

hi i'm from chile living in australia, i've never been in England but in Australia there are a lot of people polite and not only when you go to buy something, you find polite people in a bus i mean the bus driver, dialogues such as: hi good morning, hi how are you,and as well when the people get off the bus say ''thank you'' to the bus driver or they make a digesture with the hand meaning ''bye'' but like Ravi said it can get silly to say ''thank you'' and ''please'' all the time but i think is good at the beginning in any conversation use them.

politness is not concern about the familly only but there is also something more important about the family and friends the religion the you belong to is really important to be polite with the young , old , parent and the world that is universe around you , I think that human being is really need to know more about that religion ........... and thank you all

Hi I am Vishal from India. I am following all the series right from beginning. Thanks to the whole team of elementary podcast. I am good in writing and listening English but the speaking part is not so good. But this way of studying is helping me a lot. Thanks again 

I am not  really going to discuss a politeness of British or other nationalities. I am not going to identify the most polite people as well. I want only to underline that the polite words are never superfluous.
   I would like to briefly  retell a small Russian tale “ The magic word.”.A small boy came to his sister and said:”Help me to do sum.” However, the girl didn't help him. Then he said to his friend:”Lend me a bicycle” However, the boy didn't give him the bicycle. Then he saw the girl, sharing sweets with children and said: “Give me a sweet.” However, the girl didn't give him sweet. He upset and felt lonely. Grandmother patted him on the head and said:” Don't worry. I know a magic word and it will allow you to open any door and solve any problem. This magic word is “please”.

thank you , it's really magic word.... and i think it's the key to love