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Episode 13

Tess and Ravi talk about politeness and Adam reads your comments about going to the cinema.

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Do you think British people are polite or not? Tell us about your experiences – good or bad! And how about in your country? Do you think people in your country are polite or not?


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Intermediate: B1



I think people in British is more polite than in Brazil.

Here in Brazil people is very impolite when is waiting for a bus or a train.

It is crazy.

But, people in Brazil is not very impolite, I think.

Peace ☺

I've never communicated with British and so I can't say whether the British are polite or not. In my country people mostly not very polite but it depends in different places.

I saw a film with my classmates at the 9th class, in six form college called Gymnasium, Kabale und Liebe, which was for our Deutsch text book, about intrigue and love.


I think we discovered when people are polite or not when we have lots of people in the same place, as on public transport, if someone gives the place for pregnant, the young people respect the older or say 'excuse me' when want to pass.
Some months ago we had problems with the electricity in the subway, in short space of time four trains stopped at the station, there were many people in a small place, so everyone wanted to go out and nobody respected anyone, there were people walking above others. I believe when people are polite, they keep calm, walk slowly and respect the others, it's easier.

I think politeness isn't only using: "Thank you, Please, Sorry...". To be polite, people must also have good and positive attitude with each other. Personnaly I don't have any experience with Britich peaple and I think if they are so considred, there are good reasons to have this reputation.
In my country there are unfortunately more impolite and rude peaple than polite one.

in my opinion the English language can be very polite. I've read in a Ernest Hemingway book that the french language is diplomatic language the spanish is a bureaucratic language the german is proper language for give military orders and so, maybe because how they sound I'm only sure he was right about the spanish ;). About people on my country I can definitely say that most of them aren't polite, most of them are very rude. And about the british people I can say the same very impolite people because is not how they speak is what they do. I've been at vacantions in Mallorca and Ibiza and in Algarve Portugal and the British tourists I've always seen ,always have had the same comportation nothing to do with the politness.

I think the british people talk very polite, I don´t have any experience with british people, but in my country Mexico some people are polite and say thank you, good morning, how are you?? etc., also there are some people impolite. i hope to be in London one day and to live the experience.

In general in my point of view the politeness is different from one country to other and that depends on religion ,culture and bringing up of human in their schools and homes.
I don’t know if British people are polite or not. I don’t have any experience with British people. In my country Palestine the people are polite in dealing with other people they say ”excuse me ”,”thank you” a lot. They always ready to help other people especially elder women or men. They offer services to women with their child in the bus if there is no places for them. Many times help others in showing the direction or roads of the station they want to reach.

People often play with outside politeness and use a lot of expressions this way.I think that it is not the things learnt by heart.Politeness actually comes out from inner world and vividly determines our personality.