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Episode 13

Tess and Ravi talk about politeness and Adam reads your comments about going to the cinema.

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Do you think British people are polite or not? Tell us about your experiences – good or bad! And how about in your country? Do you think people in your country are polite or not?


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I think that polite is very close to the national culture. There are some things, actions, phares that could be polite in one country & impolite in another. I think that we mustn"t mix up the polite & exchange civilities. Because usually it is only exchange civility: we use this words THANK YOU, PLEASE & e.t.c. cause we need to use it in this situation. Sometimes the polite is the sign of some social group.  Polite also isn"t the synonym of kind. 

Hi there! ;)
I agree with Ravi when he say that sometimes it becomes a little silly to say "thank you" and "please"  all the time. Plus saying this words doesn´t mean you are a polite person. It´s about your attitude. People say those words but they don´t really mean it.
When I went to in London and i asked for some information in a establishment they were a little cold. They not even smiled! I´m not saying they were rude, actually they were polite. However, when I asked to someone on the street to take me a photo she/he was very nice and polite.
In Portugal there are people very polite and there are those who are having a bad day; but one thing i noticed was that English people behavior. In general, they are more serious and quiet - and i like that ;). Portuguese people are more show off :s
I work in a cafe and people ask me something and they don´t even say "thank you" and "please" and there are those who say this words one hundred times when i go to the time. Now, try to imagine going to that table five times... Well, sometimes  i get sick of hearing the same words and give the same answer "you´re welcome!" with a smile in my face. But if I don´t answer it i feel pretty bad...
Therefore I think politeness is an individual thing.
;) Cheers

Hope i am going to learn more.

 I never have been in London or other cities of England. But people are different around the world, the persons are differentials when speaks and to acts, but the important is be clearly to speak to people.
In my country Colombia you found people polite, impolite and rude.
thanks to all team of British Council.
I am grateful to you for this page.

sir ,how to increse stock of words ??

Hello, again:)
I don't know people from Britain, but I think they are really polite.
One of my best friends lives in England near by Manchester. She works in beauty studio.
Sometimes when she hasn't got a work she calls me in Skype.
Often her pfone rings and I can hear a part of her conversations.
She is always polite whit her customers and I think they are polite too.
In Bulgaria people don't say often "hello", "thank you", "Excuse me", "Have nice day" and so on.
When I was at university I had to work. I found work in pertol station. I used to meet  disparate people. Someone of them
were smelt, other people greeted, there were  people  who didn't say anything, and some of them were rude.
I think people in Bulgaria are different than British people.

I think that British people are polite. I have two friends from UK they are really polite ))) I am from Russia and most people also are polite

I think most of the British are polite. But when I was in Britain first, I asked an address to two people and they behaved very impolitely. They did not want to answer my question, or did not mean any help. I was surprised though. But generally speaking, yes, British people especially the old are very polite. In my country the situation is not very different from Britain. A few people could be rude sometimes, but generally most of Turkish people are polite. 

I visited England many times so i have an idea about politeness .english people are very polite and i like this behavior a lot .Watever they ask ,they always add a polite word like excuse me ;sorry ,and so on.It makes people feel well and relax.
Adding polite word doesn't cost anything .
politeness in my opinion start in early childhood otherwise you will have a tough duty to educate people.
actually in my country people behave badly that makes the others nervous

I think that in very place in the world there will be the polite and impolite people always the differences will exist in everywhere as an example here in Egypt so many rude people exist never say sorry or please or apologize or even admit their faults but in the other hand there are some others who's totally different  from these manners so it depends on the person not the place