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Episode 13

Tess and Ravi talk about politeness and Adam reads your comments about going to the cinema.

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Do you think British people are polite or not? Tell us about your experiences – good or bad! And how about in your country? Do you think people in your country are polite or not?


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i agree with ravi and tess,saying that british people aren't  more polite and it's just the same everywhere that u can find rude people as well as polite people.
tess has really made a point's true that british people say please and thank u more than anywhere else in the world but i think the reason for this is that they are only two words .there problem with other languages like mine (pushto) is that there are not usually words like please and thank to express politeness,rather there are expressions and long sentences that serve this purpose.that might be the reason why people in other countries don't often say please and thank you.but using a polite language doesn't mean that u r a polite person in real life.politeness has something to do with your actions and reactions ,of course, in the moments of difficulty and distress and the patience that u show in insufferable situations.
for instance if there is a person in a hospital whose best friend or brother or father is inside operation theater .just imagine what that person will feel.he doesn't have one feeling actually.he has a combination of fear ,doubts,hope and the consequences that they, if someone behaves rudely with him like hitting him while walking too quickly past him.he could do a lot of things.he could use abusive and offensive language or advise him to be careful next time or get his own back by hitting him or even just ignore him.his response determines how patient and polite he is.don't forget ,he is already in an uncertain situation and it could be really difficult to control yourself in such a state.

I agree that British people are polite even when they are angry or sad. They never give up say thank you or please.
but it is difficult to say whether a nation is polite or rude.
In Turkey, especially well educated people are very polite.

Hi every body
I think  British people are polite and they use  polite language.
as a Muslim people we must be polite and respect another because morality ( Good manners)  is  part  of our Islamic  religions
we dealing in good way of course
but there are bad and impolite  people 
thank you allot 
good site

Hi, everyone, this is my first day to register British Council. I am happy to be here to learn english. it's really a good website. 
what i want to say is that in my country,China, politeness is changing time by time and in different cities people have different politeness level. I am living in Beijng,China. In my opinion, people in Beijing is polite here. "Thank you" is always used in daily life.However. if two people is really good friends or family member, we would not speak to each other with a lot of politeness, cause that means you are not in a good relationship and a kind of alienation to each other.

I have an english teacher, i true believe that British is polite and very gentle.

Hi there,
About politeness, here in Cameroon, there is a kind of impoliteness I mean you can't never find anywhere around the world. Even if in certain regions like the west region, the culture and tradition imposed politeness to kids in the past while they grew up. But now, it's another thing.
From the oldest to youngest, on the street or retail spaces, it's very difficult to hear someone says excuse me or please. That is a disaster.

I think the politeness is something comes from your cradle ( it's a expression here in Brazil ) That means if you grow up in a politeness family you tend to be polite, of course there are exception.
In my country, which is very big, the part south is politer than north.

thank you very much

I am Mekhrinisa, i am from Kazakhstan. It is my first at this website. First of all I would like to thank people who organized this website, thank you very much! As far I listened an eposide about politness and I really enjoyed that. I have a problem with listening, actually its too difficult to understand when I listen from Cd or mp3. I hope to improve my listening skills with British Council 

hi, i m mona, i m so glad to be a member of British council/learn English, it s the first time to write comments on a website so please excuse my English and i hope to improve it with you. concerning politeness, here in morocco, people are hospitable and generous, but unfortunately, they are rude and impolite, they rarely use the word thank you or excuse me. when i ve been in France i was shocked with their politeness, and i think Europeans and Americans are so more polite than arab people. thank you.