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Episode 14

Rob and Adam see what you have to say about politeness, and Emily and Carolina discuss a certain boy...

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(Note that this exercise is designed to work with most English accents – some words may sound different in other accents.)


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Do you have lots of online friends? And do you know all of those friends in real life? Is online friendship different from real life?


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Intermediate: B1


Hello Everyone
I am Narender, I recently joined with this site.Anyone please tell me how would i use this site to learn English?

I finished listening to all the podcasts of past. Now, I'll be learning english by being up-to-date. It's so cool.

hi everybody, i'm latifa from morocco, im here because i really like English language, i wish improve it with ur help

hi Umi,
I reply to you. But I don't know what happen to it.It wasn't display.

Dear Kalpana,
It's ok. Don't worry! It takes sometimes for them to publish our comments because of their workload I think as you could imagine how many people around the world visit and send their comments or enquires here, one time my comment appeared on the discussion board after two days I submited it to them. Be patient pls!
Or perhaps, you may have violate the "House Rules" thats why they didn't published your comment. So, next time you want to submit your comment, check beforehand.
Warm regards,
The very best of luck,

hı umi

Hello there,
Unalay, how do you do?
The very best of luck,
Warm regards,
Umi Zahrok

Dear Umi,
Yeah! You're correct. I must be patient......I'm really interest your comment.You gave fabulous ideas to me wow to spent my spear time.I would like to know about hiking.It's some kind of jogging?And also what other stuff do you do in your spare time?What is ASAP?
I learn lot of new words from your comment.Thank you for that.I'm very happy You're keeping touch with me.You the only one who reply to me.Sorry for making lot of mistakes.
Thank you very much.,

Hello, Kalpana. Had a good day?
Talking about hiking, I think hiking is a long walk especially in a hilly or mountainous countryside while jogging is only run slowly, but both of them are the same kind of excersices. As for me, I prefered hiking more than jogging because it makes my heart going/pumping more than if I'm jogging, especially when I hike at some of the steepest part of the mountain, I feel like I've achieved something rewarding afterwards.
My spare time? On weekday, normally I will do lots of reading of any kind of materials (novels, newspapers, articles [I will bookmarks everything that interest me when I'm reading on the internet, so I've lot of stuff to read everyday because reading is something that I've to do in my daily routine, it's kind like I am addicted to it if I didn't read I felt like something missing for me], also I played my Lumosity games for half an hour daily, excercise for my brain. On weekend, I normally do some kind of activity that I wrote to you sometime ago.
ASAP is an abbreviation or sortened form of "as soon as possible".
Don't say thanks Kalpana, it was nothing.
Warm regards,

PS. See you in the new Series 03 Episodes 15, which just released a few days ago.

i would like the people from my country to be ahead more polite after the revolution
your sincerely