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Episode 14

Rob and Adam see what you have to say about politeness, and Emily and Carolina discuss a certain boy...

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(Note that this exercise is designed to work with most English accents – some words may sound different in other accents.)


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Do you have lots of online friends? And do you know all of those friends in real life? Is online friendship different from real life?


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Intermediate: B1


Hi Berta21 (Federico),
I saw there were many other Italian on the previous podcast, also saw one person (Italian) on the page 4 of this series. Please, have a look! I think everyone haven't been back to view this new version so, you've to wait and be patient if want to keep in touch with yout fellow countrymen/women.
Kind regards,
Umi Zahrok

Hi, everybody
My name is Yen (but you call me Mergin). I'm come from Vietnam. I really want to improve my English skill. I found this website very useful. 
Nice to get to know all of you :)

Hi,  where I can find my previous comments?

hi everybody..i have never talk on this site..Who wants to talk with me on this site..i dont know very welll to use this site..Who could help me?? 

I can talk with you

can i talk with u?i like to know about u.Are u still studing or doing job?

Hello, my name is Tao, I come from Vietnam. My English structure is so weak. So i join this in order to that. Thanks for you all help and support.

Can someone give me a few tips on how to improve my English knowledge?plz help me.specialy to speaking english.i haven't any one of speaking English with me.

I am from Bangladesh.My best wishes to all of you, in the first place. I have registered myself into this side few hours back.I think this side  is very helpful for the lerners of English irrespective of their levels.Hope I will be enjoying all resources available on the side and sharing my experiences with all of you. By the way, I always find the FB very useful too as social networking side.

hello,everyone.I am new here.I want to make more friends from different nations and share our cultures.