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Episode 14

Rob and Adam see what you have to say about politeness, and Emily and Carolina discuss a certain boy...

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Do you have lots of online friends? And do you know all of those friends in real life? Is online friendship different from real life?


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hi I am Egyptian I am so happy to join the British Council site.
My comment about episode 14 is : i like to have many Facebook friends  but i prefer to have friends i know before  to keep in touch with  them and ask about them .I dont like to have the online friends because i think that its time loosing. 

Hi, in my opinion facebook is a good means to remain in contact with friends: to find old friends and to get new one. It's the current way to communicate, you can't stop the progress, but you can be intelligent in use them. Regards

hi everybody!!!! Hope we'll make friends here.
let's share our knowledge with each other, shall we?

hallo everybody!
I'm from Georgia too like Mariami, and I joined this site todey, here is very interesting things, and I hope I will have fun :) :*

Hello to everyone, I 'm  massimo from Italy,  about two years ago I entered on facebook. At the bigginng I was faschinated and curious. Now I rarely go on facebook, even if everyday I recieve a lot of frends request from people that I have never met. Maybe they are friends of some my freinds. I never communicate on facebook. I think most of the people who go on facebook are yoang people who still go to school. I try that this socialnetwork is very confortable and cheap for young people.

Hi there,
Glad to be back here & found out that they've released a new series again.
Unfortunately, I don't have any online friends because I didn't join any social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter or Weibo.
Personally, I didn't trust any social networking site to have my full details and as far as I'm concerned, I think social networking site has more negative impact toward our life than the positive one. Frankly speaking, I agreed with easy access to the internet and social networking site, we could meet anyone at the other part of the world very easily, we could keep in touch with our friends & family who live far apart from us, also we could track our lost friend through it too. We must never forget that there are always consquences with these modern technology. Firstly, since we could make a new friend very easily on the networking site, it makes us lazy to make an effort to try socialising with others in real life. Secondly, since we spend most of our time socialising on the internet, which mean we've to spend extra time on the computer and it'll eventually lead us to a lack of movement, also will lead to obesity. Thirdly, there are many relationship break up because of this modern technology, and as everyone know there are lots of temptation on social networking site. Fourthly, we cannot trust our privacy with them.
In conclusion, before we join any social networking site we've to considered all the consequences which will come along with it.
The very best of luck,
Best regards,
Umi Zahrok

i disagree. These modern technologies are very useful for life of our lives. Social networking site has established platform for people over the world connect each other, transfer information, make fiend. especially, World's mainstream is globalization.  

Dear Woan_1986,
I'm truly sorry for being too harsh in my respond to your disagreement regarding my comment to the podcast.
It doesn't mean anything really, I'm glad that there are some people who read and pay attention to what I wrote in this site, I'm only trying to learn how to put my idea into better English, also exercising how can I persuade others into agreeing with my point of view because I'm planning to take an exam this coming winter so, I've to write a lot.
Best regards,
Umi Zahrok

Hi Woan_1986,
It's ok with you for being disagree with me (I totally respect you for having difference opinion from mine, and this is the beauty of how human mind works, also we've so many difference reasons the way we perceive on the simplest issue such as social networking site). As a matter of fact, this is a discussion pages so we could write our thought freely what we'd on our mind as long as we respect others. However, do you think there are really no absolute effect (negative impact) toward our life regarding the use of excesive social networking site (I'm saying it, social networking site in general, not only Facebook). In my previous comment to the podcast, I stated some of the consequences we've to be aware of before joining any social networking site, but here now I would like to give you a real example from someone who is under my supervision. One of my responsibility in my workforce is to look after two children, both of the girl are addicted to Facebook. After finished their school (every day, not only on weekend or school holiday season) arrived home they'll straight away to the computer desk to turn on the computer (go to the Facebook page) & they'll stay for 4-5 hours on the computer both on social networking site and playing online games. It's pain in the back really, they won't listen to anyone in the family including me (not even to their own parents advise). They'll do their homework late at night, went to bed extremely late for a child of their age and finally very difficult to get up in the morning. So, I think there are some really serious consequences regarding the use of social networking site, especially for young children. Perhaps, you'll blame these things for a lack of disciplin on the child itself but yeah we can't always point a finger at each other. Cheer up!!!!!!!
The very best of luck,
Best wishes,
Umi Zahrok

Hi Umi.
I agree with consequences that you explained. I must add my real experiment that is my eyes become weaker than before, and all is because of reading and working with computer for too long period of time. and facebook increase that time.