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Episode 15

Tess and Ravi discuss the most famous city in the UK - I think you know what it is! Rob and Adam read your comments about social networking.

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Have you been to London? Did you like it? What do you know - or think - about London?


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Intermediate: B1


I've never been in London and don't have much information about it, I just watched some british movies and have some imagination of London. When I talk about London I remember old movie "Oliver Twist" I'm not sure it is really happened in London or other cities of England but for me London is a symbol of England.
I also remember a movie that I really liked and I have watched it several times when I was a teenager, It is "My Fair Lady" , I was totally affected by the movie the first time I watched that and I loved Audrey Hepburn , she was really charming and she was a good actor.
the other thing that I hear in the news is about royal family of England, I often hear or watch new about Queen Elizebeth , prince Harry and Meghan, prince William and Kate, and I read something about princess Diana. this is the all the things I know about London and England.

I have never been in London, but i'd like to visit it, especially the London Eye , Tamisa River and a lot of castles! I hope i can travel to there soon as possible.

Hello everyone, I have not been to London, but I like London. It is an interesting place I want to come. There are many beautiful structures, towers, palaces, parks...I can see it on the internet or magazine. I have loved London since I read Sherlock Holmes. How amazing it is if I have a chance to visit London.

Hi ! I am from france
We have just visited London with my husband daughters and my parents in august
We slept in a flat which we found with airbnb
That was great but we were afraid of parking for our car because we did nt know where we could park it...but the landowner explained we had To pay 8 £ per day and that was Ok
We had never seen so many buses
And all people with bikes ! We founded really dangerous with all vehicules
One day sunny and one day rain !
In France we used To sit down quietly to eat but in London everybody eat on a table corner...quickly...
Maybe in Paris it s the same in big town everybody don t take time ?
We liked really To see all of kinds people with all of kinds clothes it s really interesting and people are really Nice ready To help poor lost tourists

Hi ,
I´ve never been in London , but I really want to go there , actually I am planning my next travels to visit Europe for the first time , and the most want country I would like to know in Europa is England , I wish to visit a lot of sightseing like Big ben and ride London eye . and of course try to speak my english as much as possible I hope to be with my english better when I will go there , unfortunately the pound is the most expensive currency to Exchange in my country .

I've been to London loads of times I was born in Essex, I've been to Wembley stadium been to a West End Show gone to Concerts, done the Jack the ripper walk been to Wembley Arena and the oppollo.

Hello, Everyone
I've never been to London. but maybe London is my next place to visit. I want to look around the city and see something typical sights, buildings, fashion so on. I can't wait to visit London.

Hello British council team,
I kanwalpreet, i am so glad to participate to do training for my english learning skills. I love this topic. I have never been known this much about London.

Hello everybody!
I've been in London two years ago for two weeks. I love it! People was so nice and there were many things to see. There are many parks, museums. So lovely. I was near Kensington Park so I use to walk around there and in Hyde Park too. I visited tower Bridge and saw that Buckingham Palace and Big Ben too. St Paul's Cathedral, Natural History museum, Victoria and Albert museum... I loved all of them. Oh, and as a Beatles' fan, I cross the Abbey Road like the album. Unfortunately I haven't been in Liverpool and other places like Bath, Stone henge, Windsor Castle. I think I'll come back as soon as possible ❤️
Kind regards

I never travel to London. I had saw London in pamphlet tourist companies, but i loved knowing really it. The citizens of London are knowing for happen all things politely. In the shop, in the cafe and other places where your education is necessary. The Big Ben is the most famous simbols of the city, but i have heard wonderful of the Buckingham and wembley stadium. the history of the famous city is active im my mind sweet whisper of know it.