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Episode 15

Tess and Ravi discuss the most famous city in the UK - I think you know what it is! Rob and Adam read your comments about social networking.

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Have you been to London? Did you like it? What do you know - or think - about London?


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Intermediate: B1


Hello khaled!
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I never have been there, but I hope to go there very soon. exactly, I do not more things about London. But I guess It is so beautiful and historical place. also, I have heard that British people are so cold and unfriendly. I think London is very traditional place, it has so strong culture. for example, they have their special disciplines for eating dinner or lunch over a table. they have to seat in a straight way, they can not speak with each other during eating. they can not make any noise when they are eating soup, they have some different size of spoons and forks and knives for eating. I think it would be so difficult at this way I want to have my dinner.
also, I know that they drink too much tea each evening. they put some milk inside their tea. 

Hello everyone, My name is Giancarlo, and I´m from Lima-Peru. This time is Summer here, since December to March or April, and today is a hot day, with 26°C. Also I want to improve mi English skill, mainly in speaking and listening, and this is my first post in this website. Lima is the biggest city in Peru, with almost 10 million of habitants. In all Peru, we are 30 million of people, and in the biggest cities such a Lima, Trujillo, Arequipa the principal problem is the traffic jam. For me it´s horrible all mornings when I have to go to work, because there a lot of taxies, buses, motorbike, etc. Badly we don´t have a under train, like Europe or the USA. But luckily, the problem is only in the morning from 7am to 10am, and afternoon after job from 6pm to 8pm. If you want to make tourist here, you can go to Lima´s center, there are several museums, traditional churches, etc. Also in Miraflores you can learn surfing, there are some academies where you can practice surfing, bodyboard, etc. In that place You can practice paragliding too, it´s very exiting because you fly over the sea , and it´s not very expensive USS  $30 per hour. Well, but if you want to dancing and meet new people, you should go to Asia Boulevard, it´s a small city a 1 and half hour from Lima, but it´s very  nice site, with beatiful beaches, hotels, resorts and discoteques. And don´t forget visiting Cusco, where there are a lot of historical places such as Sacsayhuaman and Machupichu, this later is considered the 7th wonder of the world. Well, thanks a lot, if you have any question, please post it.

Hello Giancarlo,
That's a great description of Lima! I've never been to Peru, but you really make it come alive in my head.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

I come from Spain and I want to spend a good time with you and improve my English. Actually I am studying English teacher and I need to practice the language. Bay!!

hello every body I'm your new friend  Mohamed from Egypt
'm very happy to talk with you and i hope to  spend a nice time with you as well as i wish to be a good friend for others

Assalam o Alyqum , you are welcome here its a wonderful place where you can get knowledge and information at a time. i am from Pakistan.

Good morning everyone :))
I woke up, drank cup of coffee with milk and now I'm here again :)
London is really famous with Big Ben, royal family, London's Eye and Heathrow. I always think for them, when someone talk about London. I've never been there, but I'd like to visit it. I've seen London only on pictures and TV. It is huge and beautiful city and I think everyone in all the world should  sees It.
I'm from Bulgaria. My hometown is Dobrich. It is small town in northeast part of Bulgaria near Black sea. In Dobrich there are attractive places. You can visit The Old Dobrich. This is little place in town's centre. There are several old houses. They are architectural landmarks. and nowadays they are used as craft workshops, eating houses and hotels.
St. George Park is another great place in Dobrich.It is so green and beautiful. There are a lot of trees, gardens with flowers, alleys, children playgrounds and benches where you can sit and relax.
This is enought. I'll talk about other interesting places in Dobrich next time.

Hello:Good morning. I read your Dobrich's description and I think that's nice town, I think Europe is a wonderful continent, there are many culture, beautiful countries, and beautiful womans.I'm from Colombia, my language is Spanish and I'm learning English.It was hard begin, I need a lot of practice  but day by day I'm bettering.
Good bye....Have nice day 

Bulgaria is little beautiful country. We have got long history and great nature. You can see a lot of interesting places here :))