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Episode 15

Tess and Ravi discuss the most famous city in the UK - I think you know what it is! Rob and Adam read your comments about social networking.

Tess & Ravi

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Have you been to London? Did you like it? What do you know - or think - about London?


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Intermediate: B1


hi adam i wanna a favour from you .could u list different ways to memorize words and remember .i usually memorize words but i  cant use all of them and forget them while i m speakıng with others .that's why i wanna this from u .b.couse u have good on it .from now thanks .

Really useful web site. I actually improved my english.

am from India, I like this way of learning approach, and I listen every episode again and again.

I am from india. i like this site very much.

I agree that when I think about London, the first thing that comes to my mind is Big Ben. I saw it on my English lesson book in first time and I remember the picture of the English policeman with his funny hat:)
I really want to visit London and countryside of Britain. They are on my "places I must visit before I die" list. 

very useful website ,I like it

Hi there!
I've never been to London. As I know London is considered to be one of the expensive places in Europe. I think London is beautiful city with its great history!
 I hope I can visit it sometime! Some of my friends had lived in London and they still keep pleasant memories of local atmosphere of the city. But I can say I've got to know a little bit London's (exactly British ) culture when I was in Hong Kong. There are so many  pubs everywhere opened by day and night!
Besides the above in the podcast, the red double-decker buses ,black cabs and Sherlock Holmes, this is what comes into my head :) when I think about London.

I love English, I think this is a good way to improve my English :) 

Hello my Friends how are you every body it's first time discovery this site i very happy for this services to learning English in fact i live on Australia in Sydney yes i'm read and write and speak but not fluency i need to learn more and more until i be fluency i live on Australia more than 12 years until now and also i have many certifictes but i thought it's not enough my feel said i need more learn good luck for every one Abba

hello,i use many time to chart with different people but know i will use my time to visit that website in order to learn more.