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Episode 16

Adam is impressed by how much you know about London. In Newcastle, Carolina meets a horrible customer in the shop and that's just the start of a very bad day.

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If you don’t live at home or you lived away from home in the past, do you (or did you) ever feel homesick? If so, what do you do to make yourself feel better? Even if you’ve never felt homesick, what advice would you give to Carolina to make herself feel better?


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Intermediate: B1


Hi everybody ! When i was young i went camping without my parents for about 2-3 months. It was really cool: you can do whatever you want, no one prohibits you, you are free. I never feel homesick that days. But now when i go away from home i feel loneliness and want to phone my mum or talk with her in Skype. Maybe i become more sensitive , who knows that:)

Hello, everyone. I have been away from my home twice during my training. And I really felt homesick just within few days. No matter how polite and helpful people are there, but they can not replace your family. The best thing to avoid this feeling of homesickness is to keep yourself busy either in work or in some sort of hobby. I used to spend my leisure time by going out for a walk with colleague, cooking any new dish, or talking to some friend on phone.

I've never been living in another country but I had to live away from my original home several times in my life because of work and when I felt some homesick I used to call some friend or looked for them in social networks. But luckily for me everywhere I went I met people whom I could share things and experiences that allow me to avoid homesick.
I'd recommend Carolina to contact her friends in Venezuela in the social networks to chat a bit or maybe she can look for another Venezuelan people living in Newcastle to know knew persons and share experiences living there.

Thanks for the episode.
Great site!

I am Egypt but I live in Saudi Arabia actually I was born in SA and I have been living here for 16 years old with my small family dad ,mom and two sisters so when I feel homesick my family help me very much .You know, when there are people who they like you we can support each other to feel better and pass all problems. But that was before my mom and my old sister travelled to Egypt to complete my sister's studying in university . We were very related family , we never have moved away from each other but now everything is changed. Now, when I feel very lonely I call them video call for 1 or 2 hours and speak with them about everything I feel it . That's make me better and give me a strong boost to complete.

When I moved to another city I felt homesick. But I did nothing to feel better. Later these feelings disappeared.

I work for a petroleum company in desert, so I spend lots of time away from family, sometimes I feel homesick because of some bad things even if they are small.
In such cases I try to sleep a lot and think positive thoughts to overcome this situation.
Sorry for the mistakes. I hope someone correct them.

I came to the capital of my state (province) to study, when I was eighteen, at beginning it was very dificult, stay way of my family, especially my mother. But that make me more stronger and I grown up. Now I come to visit them most that I can.

i have never been lived away from my home so, i can not give an advice for this situation, nevertheless, if i lived away from my family, i would video chat with them every week through zoom, skype o whats up.

I live away from home three years ago and I live in this moment in Italy, a beautiful country but I feel very homesick very often because I miss my family, my friends and my culture. When I'm down, I look for places where there is food and latin american music and I do not feel thar far from my country. Another thing that makes me feel better is call my parents and talk with them for a long time.

i ve never had the chance to live away from my family and city for a long i cant say how it exactly would be for me,but i think i would feel homesick in that situation,when i was i can handle it easiear.