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Episode 18

Adam reads your comments about families and we find out if Carolina is feeling any better.

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  • Where do you go and what do you do to cheer yourself up when you feel sad?
  • Can you visit the countryside and nature easily where you live?
  • What contact do you have with nature in your day-to-day life?

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Intermediate: B1


When I feel sad, I like to play board games with my friends or family. We love to play catan, carcassonne or stroll. When I play board games I focus and can forget any bad day

Hi everybody!Thnks for another fantastic podcast.When I need to cheer up I don't go anywhere.I prefer to stay home and watch some series and movies,or I play my video game and read a good English book.It helps me a lot.

When I feel sad I go to listening and dancing latin american music. Do this for me is very important and it cheers me up very fast.

Another thing that cheers me up is going to visit a city near where I live, because the place where I am is near to the beach and near to the montain, so, I just have to choose where I would like to go.

when i need to cheer up ,i may go out for a walk with a friend , sometimes i just go to a cafe alone and have a cup of coffe while listening to their music.

there are many natural places around our city , like a forest called "saravan",although its not completely safe to go there,the police does not cover that area properly .

I live and work in a city where life is rapid and noisy that periodically makes me feel got tired. When I feel a bit down I tend to go to coast where I can look at the sea feeling how fresh sea wind blows right into my face. When you take a look on the sea and it's calm waves your problems whatever bad they are, seems to be insignificant. I also don’t refuse for myself of eating some sweet. But it’s easy to explain. From time to time we feel sad due to low level of sugar in blood. Simple stretching out is also a remedy from sadness.
My parents live in countryside, two hours from the city where I am so as I can visit them every weekend. I have a cactus in a pot on my desk at home as a piece of nature.

Hi everybody,
I'm a bit confused. In Series 3 episode 18 (and also in Task 2 from this podcast) Carolina says : "I'm feeling so unhappy". But, also on your site in Grammar/English grammar reference/Verbs/Present Tense/Present Continuous/Stative Verbs you say that:" We do not normally use the continuous with stative verbs. Stative verbs include:....verbs of the senses:...feel."
So, will you be so kind to make me understanding this lack of comprehension from my side?
Thank you so much

Hi Last biker,

Normally we do not use continuous forms with state verbs. Thus, we say 'I think...', 'I like...', 'I hear...', 'I feel...' most of the time.

However, in some contexts we can use continuous forms. When we want to emphasise that something is a temporary state and not something that is normal, for example, we may use continuous forms:

I feel cold. [describing the sensation]

I'm not feeling well. [I'm sick - this is a temporary state which is not normal]

I think the film is terrible. [my opinion]

I'm thinking of moving house. [I'm considering this at the moment]



The LearnEnglish Team

Really, I don't have any day-to-day contact with nature except my little garden in home!
The sea is easily accessible but I don't go very much. Whenever I feel sad, I try to stay at home and be alone. Maybe sleeping, maybe watching movie, maybe reading the book or maybe thinking.

unfortunatley I live in a city, a big city, they destroy all the green environment , the gardens and they cut trees and build tall buildings whithout any plan, or using expertise to do that .
Now we can see green area in parks or some small gardens on the city and we can go to the mountains in north of city to see lake and trees.

when I feel sad nothing makes me feel good, but usually talking with a friend or doing a hobby like playing mobile games or playing sports make me feel better and forget my sadness for a while . but it is not last for a long time and as soon as I go home, specially at night when I go to sleep I remember my sadness and I start crying.
sometimes I forget the problem after a day but sometimes the grief is terrible and it takes much time to forget that , anyway time is a healer it help us to forget all the happy and sad memories. nothing lasts forever. all the bad and good days past.