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Episode 19

Tess and Ravi talk about a scary monster. But there's something worse than monsters; Adam and Rob say goodbye!

Tess & Ravi

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  • Do you believe that the Loch Ness monster really exists?
  • Have you ever visited Loch Ness? Would you like to go?
  • Tell us about any stories of strange monsters that you know about from your country, in the water or on the land.

Language level

Intermediate: B1


Hi learnEnglish I'm really appreciate these episodes and the whole podcast .it really improved my English and i became to talk in English very well  thank you so much and i'm going to continue to search the other parts of the site and explore it in order to get more improving and of of course  more fun with English .have a good day .
best wishes for all   :) :) :)

Hi every body,I am mohammad and i am from iran and i love english.I need a partner for improv more and more in english

I don't think there is a monster in Locknet lake. I listen some stories about this, and i hear the stories when i was young. I am now a man, and i find that i only confirm it's truth when i see it. May be i am wrong when i say there is no monster in it.
By the way, i am learning English, so if i am wrong in grammar or something like that. Please correct it for me.

I'm from Spain, and I need to improve my English, I had a good level many years ago but I haven't practiced

How can i improve my written English?

Hello. i am from india i have problem of not able to speak my words clearly while speaking english.So is there anyone who would like to help me out?please send me your reply.

read out loud newspapers, articles, or anthing readable you come across. And tryy to get the pronunciation correct be listening to the way the word is pronounced. Your problem can be effectively solved b practice. there's no shortcut to it.. all the best!!

Hi everybody! My name is Alex, i from Russia. In my country many people believe that in the house lives a little old man which protects the house and its owners, if owners treat kindly to their house.

In Vietnam, it is the same. We believe they can protect the house and the owner from bad things such as ghost, at the end of year,we offen pray them for happiness and luckiness in new year.

i don't believe in monster but ghost is real !!