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Episode 02

Carolina and Emily are also back for Series 4! Along with Jo and Adam, they talk about the time of year when bargains can be had – the January sales!

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  • How do you feel about the sales – do you love them or hate them?
  • When's the most popular time for sales in your country?

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.


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hello guys
i don't like sales because crowd and noisy, i think it's useless (my opinion), i think if you want, like or need the things you can buy it even if it's not in seals but sometimes some shops have good seals that i want see them especially if they be BRANDS.

Hi! I'm Emily (yes, like Emily from the poadcast :-) ) and I'm from Italy.
I don't like so much the sale's period, because I hate the crowd in the shops. Plus, it happens that i don't find the things that I need, especially about my size. I prefer to buy throughout other part of the year, not in january.

Hi ,
I really like sales but I don´t like crowd , unfortunately in my country sales like "Black Friday" is a false discount they first rise the price and then on Black Friday they announce it on 50% off , sometimes them only have 10% off , but people in country become crazy in this time of the year , they buy a brand new mobile that they don´t need , they buy a such beautiful new shoes that they don´t need and so on , I can´t believe that .

Hi My name is Yueh-Jung. I am from Taiwan. I like go shopping but often just look. I like discount and sales to buy what I need. It's depend on my purpose to decide to like or unlike the crowd. The things looks like cheaper, but I still spend more of my budget. In fact ,It's more expensive on sale for me :( .

Certainly I don't like sales at all, because of the big amount of people inside the shops. I hate crowds! But, unlike me, my wife loves sales. She's very fond of them.
When I need something, I go to one or other shop to get it, no matter if we're in sales time or not.
Greetings from Madrid (Spain).

We like the sales because the prices are reduced. Sometimes they have special offers. You can buy one and get one free. The best sales in the Ukarainne are in January and also on Mother's day. The discounts are between 5% and 25%.

In Bangladesh we never have sales of discounts.

The best time for sales in South Africa is from January to mid February. Usually the discount is around 25%

Posted by Mary's English Class

Oh, I hate crowds and bargains. First of all, I hate big cities like Tokyo, New York, or London. I like quiet, calm countryside, and do my shopping in a quiet, less people around shop. I'm not interested in cheaper prices, I don't mind paying a little bit more money if I can do shoppin in a quiet circumstance.

Hi guys,
I came to participate in your company

Hi, my name is Mohamed Salah, i am from Egypt. In Egypt the period that there is large sales in various shops and brands is the black Friday, there is very large discounts on various products like clothes, electronics, ... etc.
Due to the economical status of the country that it is reflected on the people, a lot of people wait this day to buy what they need with lowest costs. the shops are being very crowded on that day. So i think that making discount is very good idea either for consumer or the seller, bet i wish to say that shops should increase the period of the sale to a week, not only two days.

Hi! My name's Hanh. To me, the day of the sales is not important for me. I only buy something if necessary. In my country, the shop usually have sales in December- the final month of the year. In this time, there are a lot of people go to the shops and buy the cheap cloths. The street is so crowd, so I don't like to go out this times.