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Episode 02

Carolina and Emily are also back for Series 4! Along with Jo and Adam, they talk about the time of year when bargains can be had – the January sales!

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  • How do you feel about the sales – do you love them or hate them?
  • When's the most popular time for sales in your country?

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.


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I am from Kazakhstan. And here sales are not so grandiose like in USA, UK or UAE. But some different malls and shops organize special sales nights or sales days.

Hello:) ın my country nearly every street has a bazaar. So we can buy anything cheaper than shopping centres. I'm not sure that ı call those bazaars sale but the mentality is the same. You can find anything you want for little price.

Hi, i am from Pakistan. I like shopping. we have sales after every season. so, this is my all time favorite activity.

First I have to say thank you for your useful Podcasts
I have a question about what Emily said in the podcast, she said "you could buy four T-shirt ...", based on what I've learned in grammer , she has to say "she could bought ...", I wonder if you explain why Emily uses "could buy" instead of "could have bought"
Thank you

Hello mohamad62,

First of all, just so you know, you can find the transcript of the entire podcast in pdf format under Instructions & downloads. You can use that to find out exactly what each person says. Here, when Emily says 'you could buy', she's talking about a future possibility, not a past possibility, which is what 'could have bought' would express in this context. 

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi all,
I love shopping too. Although I am a man I love speding hours and hours out buying new things.
Anyway what is the difference between me and my friends is that I enjoy shopping ALONE. No mates, parents and so on. They only can make me nervous while I buy new clothes, shoes and so on.

And one more thing, I am addicted of bargaining!! My sister hates that habit which I have :)

Hello i am form india i like shopping
I like to buy electronic item( mobile laptop cemra other accessory)

its not a mobile site

I like sales. I am a father of two little girls, 5 and 6 years old. Due to this age stage my daughters need new clothes everty 6 months on average and that puts me in a difficult situation. So, I seize the sales opportunity to benefit and achieve some savings. Usually the best time for sales in my country / Jordan, is during spring and autumn. Shop owners seek to get rid of the heavy clothes stock during spring and to also get rid of the light clothes stock during autumn.

I like shopping. I like buy clothes and shoes, but I don't like the first day of sales