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Episode 02

Carolina and Emily are also back for Series 4! Along with Jo and Adam, they talk about the time of year when bargains can be had – the January sales!

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  • How do you feel about the sales – do you love them or hate them?
  • When's the most popular time for sales in your country?

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.


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Hello dear friends, i try to do task 2, but in task 2 there are only five text-areas were i must choose and put the correct answers. When i try to scroll up and down to see is there other rows i see only 5 text-areas, where i must put the answers which i choose. So can anyone explain me what is the problem or maybe i doing something wrong?

Hello Avetik,

Task 3 is an exercise where you have to put all the phrases at the top into the five groups below, so some of the boxes at the bottom will have more than one phrase from the top.

Sometimes it can be difficult to add a second (or third) phrase to a box if there's already a phrase in that box. The way to solve this is to click or press on the little hand icon. For example, let's say that you already have one phrase in the 'asking someone to do something' box and you want to add the phrase 'Can you tell me the way to the museum?' to that box. First, click or press on the phrase 'Can you tell me the way to the museum?', and then click or press on the small hand icon that is at the top right of the phrase that is already in the box. After that, both phrases should appear in the box.

That sounds complicated, but it's actually quite simple. Still, if what I've explained is not clear, please let us know and we'll explain it a different way.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

I like shopping but I don’t do shopping just to spend time or money. I buy things if it is necessary and if it is not urgent, I wait for the sales. There are two big sales in Istanbul, one is in February and another one is in July. I know some people around me buy clothing just because it is fashion. I call them unconscious consumers. Also, some of my friends buy clothing because it is on sale even though they don’t need it. All these things look to me absurd.

The most popular time for bargains in Poland is December and January. But in my country people don't wait all night before opening shops. I like buying things with a lower price, because I am be able to buy more. But even I buy something I always think about utility.

It's great

Hi everyone. I add my comment too: i don't like go to sales, I don't like crowds and mountains of dresses. I also need small size and when it's time sales, they are never. so I prefer to buy when i find the right articol.
in my contry the sales are in January and in july.

Hi, I really like sales but not when there are a lot of people because people can become crazies and violent.

P.S.: I fell in love of Carolina voice :)

Of course I love sales very much, where I can buy lots of pieces from its brand shops with almost price of one piece.

I thing that the sales is good idea for people. It's a good chance to bay something new for lower price, but there are disadvantages too. First of all, people often buy goods that them hardly need. Secondly, the prices at the beginning ( before sales ) are higher, than should be. They are artificially high. So, shop owners get their many any way. I try to think first what I really need buy before I go shopping. Sometimes I wait for sales, but if I necessary need something I buy it instantly.

Here in Québec Canada the biggest sales of the year happen between Christmas and january first. I don't gonna go shopping at that time because I work in a furnitures store so I 'm too busy to go there