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Episode 04

Carolina and Jamie go to the pub and see something they didn't expect. Should they tell Emily? Jo and Adam examine the pronouns Carolina and Jamie use to talk about what they saw.

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Thank you Peter for your reply, and thanks for directing me to another section, the thing I was going to ask about.

I really impressed the sentence like "The true is sometimes unhappiness". Suspicion is not always good to the realistic life but sometimes it is quite reliable as much as you feel. Seriously, suppose to be a girl's boyfriend that is not being a amazing decision despite you love her too much because time will change everything and felling inclusion. I just say that I decide to be that when I love someone so much i can do. Perhaps it is my own personal belongings but that will conduct a right way to reach nearly supposed goal throughout what have been done for my life until now.
Thanks !

i think it`s better to talk about the situation and try to solve the probleme.
having two girl friends at the same time is not fair not correct.either carolina or jamie should try to find the best way to inform emily and cameron.the best way means neither upset emily nor cameron.
if i were jamie i would taken more time in order to understand the situation ,then i would talk in appart with cameron and in appart to the girl who was kissed by cameron.
after that moment i will take a right decision.


I don't understand "We have got a gig." What's mean a "gig"?


Hi saagii,

Please use the Cambridge Dictionaries Online tool to check items of vocabulary like this. Just type the word in an click 'Look it up!' to get a definition, examples and more.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Hi mates!

As far as I concerned I totally agree with Carolina, they should talk with their friends about the issue,
In my hones opinion it's better say the true, however I undertand the situation, and I know that it's a difficult one, when all the participants are friends it's hard to take part and put in the right side, we must think we empathy that it's always good and helpfully.

Best wishes!

there's "He's friends with the guy who's..." Why friends? Shouldn't be "friend"? It is in exercise 3, number 6

Hi estu,

'Friends' is correct here. It means that they are both friends. If we wanted to use a singular form here we would say 'He is a friend of...' rather than 'He's friends with...'

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The LearnEnglish Team

hello every body
I 'm lucely

I think that carolina is a good friend of emily
but she doesn't think that she can hurt with this news
I think that jaime is a good friend of the cople
and he want not that carolina tell her the true

reallly is too dificult when you see the boyfriend of your bff
kissing another woman
I don't tell nothing

Hello everyone, I'm Thanh, I'm live in Vietnam. I think Carolina should tell the truth to Emily, and She will call to Camaron to clear the problem. Maybe Carolina & Jame was see wrong person in the cafe shop.

Jame should meet Camaron to ask him about the girl had sit with him. (Who is she? How relationship are they?). after that, Jame will have his decide.

If is my, I will come to Camaron's table and say: Hello and ask him to clear. Maybe is impolite but it is necessary.