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Episode 05

How would you describe the British character? Tess and Ravi consider whether the British are reserved, while Jo and Adam look at negative prefixes.

Tess & Ravi

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  • What do you think – are the British reserved? Are the British more reserved than other nationalities?
  • What do people say about people from your country? Do they think you’re friendly – and is it true?

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.


Language level

Intermediate: B1
Pre-intermediate: A2


Well, i never met britishers but, i could say that they're very concerned, helpful, intelligent, optimistic and never treat other people on the basis of their nationalities.
Their opinion about the home is absolutly right.i agreed. Home is the only place where u feel comfortable, liberty, can do whatever u wanted to. So it should be taken as privacy.
Now the question is??? How could i say so much about britishers as i havent met any?

In our country, we' ve to pay certain amount to learn English any skills. Education is said to be a "knowledge" that needed to spread as much as u can. It'll b counted in ur good deeds.
but now quality "Education"charges are soo high that only limlited people get benefited..
Education become business. On the other hand, British Council provide a platform for every nationality, poor or rich can gain, learn all skills any time. Even responding istantly.Isnt it seems like blessings.
i respect and highly appreciate their efforts and concerns.
U know, in our country, British council English courses charges are alot.
Thank you very much British Council for u ppl are doing for all of us. U dont know!!! What u r gaining and what you are giving.( gaining prayers n blessings and helping ppl). May God bless ur team.

In our country ppl are friendly and call frankly to have dinner/ lunch at home. Even arranged all festivals dinners at parties at home. In some home, females cook all the food whilst some placed ordered.
In my point of view, its not fair, because the females really get exhausted, privacy got disturbed,and big amount of money spent.still ppl never get satisfied
Its more feasable to call few close families n dine out.

Hi! My name is Gyulia, I'm from Brazil and I could spend a year in London. I had very few British friends but they were very friendly with me all the time which I truly appreciated 'cause they made me feel at home. I think i was the lucky girl! However, during my staying in there (apart from those friends I mentioned), most of the people were quite closed and even cold, very polite on the other hand.
p.s: I am an English teacher and I suggested the podcast for most of my students. We love it =)

Hi friends. for progressing my English language, I need a partner to talk about different subjects. Who can accept this suggestion?

hi, my name is ram. I am also looking for a partner who is preparing IELTS. Is there anyone to share the language.

How are you
I hope you are fine
I think British people are reserved. It's not easy to break the ice.
We knew the typical topic the British people are interested in is talking about the weather.Only one sentence and the conversation is end.
There are many comments that I heard about British people in my country (It was a British colony).
In the positive side:
1) They think British people are politeness (saying "please" and "thank you" alot) and well-orgnized in the queues and don't jump.
2) They think British people are very punctual for appointments.
3) They think a good quality objects "made in England"
I've never been in UK but I hope to be there.
with best regards

There are plenty comments about Brititsh people, yes you are right Emir and Betty i am agree with you, but we must be gratefull to British poeple who created these kind of sites. Of course it's my oint of view. I am sorry if i made you upset or made a mistake.

I never had british friend. That's why I don't know them very well. But I can say that our people are so warm-bool, friendly. For instance If My father meet foreign He immediatly invites him/her to home. Even we play with them football. And everytime we have guests like my mother's friends, my father's friends or mine.
When I think about british I remember Scoish skirt and River Bridge and Thames. I read article that claims There are poor people on one of the coast of Thames and on another There are rich people. I don't is it true or not?

I don't thing you're from Aze)

I am certainly from Azerbaijan

I think English people are not reserved at all. I mean they perhaps hardly started a conversation with a stranger on a train or at the bus stop. But I' m sure they are very hospitable and open to friendship.