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Episode 05

How would you describe the British character? Tess and Ravi consider whether the British are reserved, while Jo and Adam look at negative prefixes.

Tess & Ravi

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  • What do you think – are the British reserved? Are the British more reserved than other nationalities?
  • What do people say about people from your country? Do they think you’re friendly – and is it true?

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.


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Intermediate: B1
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I've never been to England, so I don't know if the British are so reserved as it is rumored but I have known few English in my work and, with a few exception, they've always been friendly toward me. I think we should consider various factors before to judge the British people as cold and extremely reserved. Are we talking about the whole UK or a small piece of it? Every nation is made up of several cultural reality and, as such of different ways of behaviour.

Sorry for my poor English but I'm still learning

I really like your comment. You are so good in writing.

I am from algeria, i am writing for the first time
I think english people is serious people don't like to lose your time to make passed relationchip, this people like to read,work, make real relationchip. In algeria it is easy to talk with eany one the people it is very friendly and crasy.

i am integrating in the course which i am doing to incorporate it into my open universtiy foundation studies.

Hello again to everyone.
I think that British people are the same as another country, every country has people who are more or less reserved. I met some British people and I noticed that they are the same as people from the another country, or maybe jut a bit unfriendly, or I could be wrong maybe they were just shy by any chance?
I know that Vritish people are very polite even with strangers.
Beside that a want to talk a bit about people in my country, I want to tell that people are friendly all over the world, people are made to help each other and to live toghether.
In my country Romania, people usualy are open warm and friendly, you can find a good advice for a place for eat or for fun even if you are in a small city or in a big city. You can travel safe being on your own in all the country, all the time you'll find nice people and beautiful sights to visit.

Hi !! I am from Costa Rica. We are really friendly people. Our country is promoted worldwide as one of the best tourist destinations, but if you ask a tourist who has already visited Costa Rica, which is the best of my country, they would definitely tell you that my people.

i am from pakistan . and people of my famiy are also reserved like british . but generally pakistani are very friendly and have great hospitality

It is first time to know that British people are cold, reserved and unfriendly but i feel this in general. I am Egyptian and the Egyptians are really warm,friendly and they help anyone who need help even if he is a stranger. I am proud i am Egyptian.

I'm writing the first time. I'm from Kazakhstan. I don't have English friends, and I don't know about English people. I have just read them. This information was interesting for me. I have American friends. They a very friendly, warm and kind like our people.

I met many English already, and I can say, they are not cold at all. I totally agree that privacy for them is in the head of a corner. But they are very welcoming and they let you feel very warm if you need a piece of information and try to get it asking somebody on the street. I think, because private space is so much important for them, they don't annoy you without reason, they respect your privacy as well. If you are lucky to have an English one like a close friend, you know how warm-hearted and friendly they are if they trust you.