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Episode 05

How would you describe the British character? Tess and Ravi consider whether the British are reserved, while Jo and Adam look at negative prefixes.

Tess & Ravi

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  • What do you think – are the British reserved? Are the British more reserved than other nationalities?
  • What do people say about people from your country? Do they think you’re friendly – and is it true?

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.


Language level

Intermediate: B1
Pre-intermediate: A2


I have never met British people face to face. I have just watched British films and listened to podcasts from British Council. Well I think British people are very polite and private. And I think they are helpful. It's true that they are not as friendly as Americans but I guess it's ok. But Richard, the presenter in Great Videos series looks sociable and able to make lovely jokes. And so do Tess and Ravi. They really sound sociable. Although Myanmar people are friendly and open, they are a bit shy.Not every one of course. Anyway, I think we can't draw conclusion by studying most people in country. But it's still good to know about the characters of people in a country.

hello every one
I am colombian we are very friendly many people think that british people are so cold
I belive that their behavior is due to their customs think is just that but if you compare with other countries will be obvious as cold and unfriendly

I think the British don't talk to you until you break the ice with them in the first place. They seem to be a bit cold but not all the time. One of the things I like about the Britains is that they like discussing about politics and weather a lot as well as some social issues which enlivens you.

Hi. I' m from Romania. The most people are friendly. In Romania, the people to speak in train, bus and on street very much. I love it "British council"
Good bye!

I'm from Morroco, morrocan people are very friendly, they speak easilly with the other people.
I don't meet british people before so I can't give an opinion.

Hello, I am from beautiful country in the world, Nepal.

Hello every one
Iam new here iam from sudan and iam civil engineer

Hello and good evening to everyone, I live in Brazil.
Brazilians citizens are in a bad political and economic moment in Brazil.
The unemployement number is high and the people wants impeachment.

Hello everyone.
In Italy there is the stereotype that people in the North are reserved and introverted and the people of the South are extroverted and friendlier.
I think that the difference is influenced by experience of the subject, by individual features, by culture and historical traditions and also by climate.

To be reserved that mean not you are unfriendly and cold person