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Episode 05

How would you describe the British character? Tess and Ravi consider whether the British are reserved, while Jo and Adam look at negative prefixes.

Tess & Ravi

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  • What do you think – are the British reserved? Are the British more reserved than other nationalities?
  • What do people say about people from your country? Do they think you’re friendly – and is it true?

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.


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Intermediate: B1
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Hii everyone ..i have never been in Britain before but I have a good impression about people there and I hope to be there one day. .thanks for all

Yes i think it’s true. I have been working with Brit peoples from last 4 yrs and now this is going to be 5 yrs, And this is what i exactly felt earlier when I have just started. They 're really cold in a sense of, they really don't goes much with chatting, gossiping (like asking how is ur day? What u have done on ur dayoff ? Do you like this and that something like this) until we are not closer. But they Smiles and greets everyone gently when we are passing by even you are not closer. There's one interesting thing that i have notice in brit people is , They speak very gently even they are having discussing/conversation with two even in public area, it is very gentle and not noisy and no one will be disturbed. We have a recreation area where we can go and sit and have chat with colleagues after off work or during our break time. I was never disturbed by them when I am using wifi and listening something. And another interesting thing that I have notice and liked is, they don't enjoy people talking loudly as they don’t disturbs others. But I guess, they might feel bad when disturbed by others but I have never seen getting angry, they have simply walked away silently even not saying a word or complaining. Later other people used to realise how loud they are. Until 2yr of mine here, I only have one friend. I have never communicate and heard more than "you alright mate or you okay". But the truth is also when they became friendly they will be real friend. I have many friend now from Britain and many of them have gone back to their home and other places for better work. But we still in touch.

i never met British ppl so i just can't give a answer here. but the ppl in China, i must say, r very easy-going, friendly and ready to give you a hand when you in trouble. In my hometown, ppl feel happy to invite others to their home and they will treat the guests well ever better than themselves.

hi, do you like Bangladeshi people?

Well...yeah. I think the british are reserved I haven't been to Britain but one day I tried to be friends with a british girl she wouldn't chat with me my sister traveled to britain once and she says people there are unfriendly..but I have lot of american friends I agree with tess that the americans are more open...people in morocco are friendly I think I am really friendly I like making friends all over the world I have invited all of my friends to my house my parents always invite people to our house. No matter all that I love elemantary podcasts i love tess and ravi..adam jo rob they are so friendly.

I had some experiences in Britain with my students, I’m a teacher, and I have to say that English people are very different in the north or in the south of England. We were to Brighton, and people were cold and reserved, and in some situations, I’m sorry for that, they were a bit rude and impolite. We were to Hull, in the north of England and people were always friendly and very open. I’m thinking that in Italy it’s different: people are very friendly in the south of Italy and they can be really unfriendly in the north of Italy. Now, an example, just for fun... If you are in Milan and you ask someone in order to get information about the direction for the museum, he probably will answer only “yes, you're going in the right direction...” or, if you are unlucky, that he doesn’t know that museum. If you are in Sicily and you ask me, I live in Palermo, I’ll go with you to the museum and I’ll enjoy to be your tour guide.

Hi Angelo I like your comment. I think that in the Uk the behaviour is also depend from the background: means character, education, childhood etc. In London probably people are more friendly because are very busy but probably they have better education and better job. I prefer London but I live in other place unfortunately. Italian are also very friendly. You like Poles:)

Hi Betty, I agree with you! Childhood, education, family, school are really crucial factors in these cases. I prefer London too, but I unfortunately live in Italy. Why do you say that I like Poles? What does it mean? Bye for now! :o)

In China people also never speak too much with strangers on bus,train..But i don't think it means we are difficult to make friends, maybe just shy~
Between colleagues,seens we are more friendly than British people.At least I often invite colleagues to my house have dinner or travel together on holidays.I think Chinese people are very friendly,easy to make friends!

I think british people like privacy,they can`t talk for their life with a unknown person because he just say him Good moorning.British people want time to make a person friend and if make friend they are loveable,friendly with them.