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Episode 07

Tess and Ravi are back to talk about shopping in London, and Jo and Adam look at how to use the word 'too' in different ways.

Tess & Ravi

Task 1

Task 2

Task 3

Task 4

Task 5

Task 6

Task 7

Task 8


Leave a comment below!

  • What are your favourite places to go shopping where you live?
  • Do you like shopping centres? Markets?
  • Have you been to any of the places in London that Tess and Ravi talked about? Or would you like to?

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.


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Intermediate: B1
Pre-intermediate: A2


Hello kaboos,

I'm afraid you need to have a device with Flash compatibility to watch the videos. I suggest trying a desktop or laptop computer.

Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

In my city there is a shopping destination can New Market. It is best for getting all sorts of things at affordable prices. The shops even don't have fixed rates for there varieties so I can bargain a little with the shopkeeper to low the prices.

Hi there,
It is interesting especially for us in Africa. But I couldn't download the podcasts. How should I go about?
Thank you for your attention

Hi Abay,

I'm sorry to hear you can't download the podcast - it works for me. What happens when you try? And what sort of device are you using to access the website - a computer or mobile device?

Best wishes,

The LearnEnglish Team

Hi all of you
I am Khalid and I am new member
so I hop we will be closed friend soon and will be good speaker
sorry my english language is not very well but I try to be good speaker as soon as possible

Could anyone explain to me what the advantage of using auxiliary verb in positive sentences is ?

Hello tomb3u,

We use the auxiliary in affirmative sentences to add emphasis, especially when someone does not believe what we are saying or contradicts it:

A: I went to the shop.

B: You did not!

A: I did go to the shop, honestly!

Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Hi to all of you.
I am Asadullah from Afghanistan. Here if you want to buy something you should go to market or shopping center because in our our country there is no online shopping facilities even in Kabul our capital city. the most exciting and popular place for shopping is Kabul Center mall.
At the end I really appreciate your work cause it helps me and all English learners.

I like shopping centers because it's beautiful and well decorated but things are very expensive there. So, i prefer market to shop because i can buy things at cheaper rate here.