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Episode 09

Tess and Ravi talk about a typical English drink and where to find it. Jo and Adam look at adjectives and adverbs. 

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  • Do people drink beer in your country?
  • If you like beer, have you ever tasted British beer? What did you think of it?
  • Have you ever been to a British-style pub? Or an Irish pub?
  • What do you think of them?

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.


Language level

Intermediate: B1
Pre-intermediate: A2


Alcoholic drinks are unlawful in my country but I know many people who drink it.
In my opinion, I prefer healthy things and because of it, I don't drink any alcoholic drinks but it doesn't mean I don't like beer. I like any kind of beer but it must be non-alcoholic.
I've never been to the UK and I can't say anything about British pubs or beers.

We went to London for holiday in auguste we have just arrived to the town and we wanted to eat and that was very difficult to find a pub who accepte children just for est that was only 7 mm the evening
In France we can eat everywhere with children to the bar the pub ... children with parents...!we Will not give alcohol drink To our children and earlier in the evening i think it is a safety place ont with drunk people ...we were really bored and disappointed

Beer is very popular drink in my country. As for me I very like porter - real strong English beer!

Hi ,
I don´t like alcoholic drink and beer on special occasion I drink some wine, but I really like to go pub the environment are so great , talking with friends an so on

I like drinking beer. and I think I have tried British beer before. but I prefer to drink larger like Japanese beer. There are many pubs and bars in Japan. And especially the one is called HUB is very famous pub in my country. I can see the HUB everywhere in cities. The HUB looks British traditional style. And most of them are crowded with Japanese and foreigners. I don't often go there but it would be nice to hung out with foreigners there. I think I want to go to a real pub in Britain one day.

I used to drink a lot of alcohol when I was younger, but now I'm on a lot of medication so I can't I'm not supposed to, drink but now I only have two drinks on accessions like Christmas new year birthdays and our wedding anniversary.

I don't drink myself, but I tried a pub in Glasgow when I traveled UK last year. The waiter was kind enough to offer me a so delicious food! It was a bowlful of mussels, the soup of which was so, so tasty. I'll never forget the taste! To tell the truth, my wife and I are going to Britain again, so I'll try beer this time!

Do we say "Express love to me abundantly." or "Express love abundantly to me."
I mean my question is about, placement of the indirect object (me) and the adverb i.e. abundantly.

Hello Zeeshan Siddiqii,

Grammatically speaking, both sentences are possible. The indirect object is quite flexible in terms of its position:

Give me the parcel quickly.

Give the parcel to me quickly.

Give the parcel quickly to me.

The first and second of these are the most common but the third is possible.


Your examples are fine grammatically but do not sound like everyday English. You might find this kind of phrase in poetry, for example, but it would sound odd in many contexts.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Thanks for guidance.