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Episode 15

Discussing TV crime programmes, Tess teaches Ravi a thing or two about Sherlock Holmes. Adam and Jo explain how to use 'to be born'.

Tess & Ravi

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  • What about you – do you like Sherlock Holmes?
  • Do you like other crime writers or TV programmes? Which ones are your favourites?

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.


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Intermediate: B1
Pre-intermediate: A2


I’m like Jo who said the crime stories are not her things. I’ve never found them interesting but fearful. When I used to be a student, I had to know one of my fellow student, a friend of mine who was hooked on crime programmes like news, films, magazines, books and stuff. He could watch something like that on TV in the evening before going to bed. I wondered how he could sleep well after watching. Everybody has their own interests.


I watched Sherlock Holmes movies as a child. I have only every three days time to learn with the elementary podcast series, because I have got a long list of resources for which I need three days to complete.

A movie or a computer game could be a way to improve your English, but I haven't got the time for it now. Maybe the language which they use in the movie isn't modern.

These days you can drown in the information which is available on the internet.


I like Sherlock Holmes. I know some movies have made in this name . I watched one when I was a child and it was the best one. The movie starring Jeremy Berett as Sherlock Holmes. I liked Jeremy berette I knew her from the film "My fair lady", one of my favourite movies that time.

I really enjoyed watching this series every week that time . I also remember at the same time I watched two other series based on the famous Agatha Christie's novels : Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple.

I also watched an Iranian series when I was about 11 or 12 which is named " Mozde Tars" maybe I can translate it to Reward of fear. I was so affected by the series on that age .

A little question: how and when I have to use "though" at the end of the sentense?

"I'm not going to tell you any more, though"

Hello NahB,
'Though' adds a contrasting element to the sentence when used in this way, so it would be used when you have told the other person something, but are not going to say more (the contrast being telling them something before vs not telling them something in the future).
Another example might be this:
"It's going to rain later." [a statement without any contrasting sense]
"It looks nice at the moment. It's going to rain later, though." [now there is a contrast]
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi, Good morning everyone;
I have heard something about sharlock holmes. I haven't watched sharlock holmes TV series. I watched to movie sharlock holmes. Robert Downey Jr. was reviving to sharlock holmes character. I didn't know be unreal character to sharlock holmes.My favourite tv programme is İnspector Gadget. Have a nice day.

In 1960,there was a drama called "Yours Truly,Johnny Dollar"that was broadcasted by radio every night.It was a criminal drama which was adapted of CBS Radio Network America.It was too similar the story of Sherlock Holmes.It was interesting that time.

I was thought that Sherlock Holmes was a real person.

I don’t like crime writers very much, but I already watched a serie of Sherlock Holmes at Netflix.

Besides English, I learn about many things in this site. I really like this. Thank you very much!

Ha ha ha. I was thought that Sherlock Holmes was a real person too.. ))) by the way, probably at that time there was a man like Sherlock Holmes. I am sure!

I have read almost all the stories of Sherlock Homes when I was a student. and like Tess said, I found that I like the story that he seems to know everything by tiny clues and solving crimes without stepping outside. and I began to start reading other novels that are kind of mystery. but Japanese manga Detective Conan isn't my favorite.