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Episode 16

Jamie's taken his exam and is waiting for the results. Adam and Jo talk about the meaning of different exam results in the UK.

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  • Exams or continuous assessment – which do you prefer?
  • Which do you think is better?

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I had to go through both ways being a student at the university and must confess that I more prefer continuous assessment rather than preparing for the exams. When you do your coursework it gets you be up on your ears in field of your study, your subject. You have to work in the library with books that means reading a lot and write expressing yourself making your own research in topic. There’s always a chance to talk to the teacher to find out what’s wrong and how to make progress.
Exams are as well as Jo thinks seemed to be stressful for me as well. But this case there’s no necessary to work hard through the whole course. You can prepare for them for no so long time.


Do I like to learn throughout the year or only for exams?

It depends. Some subjects like history and biology don't require that you remember what you previously learned. If you have completed one topic and start a new topic then you usually don't need the previous content.

I would only learn then the subject throughout the year if I think I need this information for my life because it is important.

Other subjects like math and languages require that you know what you have previous learned. For example if you can't remember the English tenses well then you have problems when the topic is indirect speech because you need to understand the tenses when you want to formulate these kind of sentences.


Actually I don't enjoy of taking exams, but almost no one (at least the people who studied) can avoid it in their lives. taking exams is not a 100% good or 100% bad , it has pros and cons. Lets talk about the pros because even if some teachers do not like to give final exams they still can't avoid of giving exams completely.They need a way to know students better.
advantages of taking exams are:
It is a good way to assessing students knowledge, ability or finding out how much they studied and learned during a smester. besides It is the easiest way to classifying the students and finally it is a standard and fair way to assessing students.
On the other hand teachers can remove final exam and assessing students during the semester this is a perfect way to make students to study everyday. When I was at university I had a professor who was so serious . She made us to study one or two article and a chapter of a book every session and we talked about the things we studied at the class. So in the end of semester we all learned many things and we all know about the course. this sounds great.

By the way i think It's up to the teachers and the grade and age of student to choose the way of assessing them. They can give an exam at the end of the term and they also should keep doing continuious homeworks and school activities and the final mark be inculded both of them

I prefer continuous assessment. I think this a better

Hİ guys,
Absolutely I prefer continuous assessment. Because it is stressless. You can focus just understanding when you feel relax. You don't worry. Our country education system is very complicated. I must had been passing the exam İf I Want to study at unıversity. Just think. You study until finish hıgh school after. You take an exam three hour marathon . İf you succed a exam, you can enter what you want a departmant but your poınt have to enough for department. this is very terrible. İt is enaough contıous assessment. Take care of yourself.

I prefer continuous assessments. I can't focus and study well for a short time and I get too much stressed, also I think anything can happen before an exam which can prevent good performance on it and destroy lots of endeavors in an hour or so.

I prefer continuous assessment. I think this way of evaluating smarter.

I agree with Jo, I prefer continuous assesstments since they will let me know how my preparations goes.... I would prefer voicing and pronuntiation assess', too

I agree with Jo. I would prefer to take continuous assessment if I am a student. because I think continuous assessment is just good idea for education and I haven't heard about it in my country. I always felt so much stress just before exams every time. and when I finished the exam, I never remember anything about the exams at all. so Does it make sense?

Dear Sir
Thank you for explaning the prepositions 'to' and 'for'
Would you please tell me why we use 'for' in these sentences but not 'to' I have notice this in sentences using part of 'be.' Is that the reason? For eg. She was late for school.
Is this the train for London? But not to school/ not to London
This is also a destination/or some other reason like part of be as mentioned above..
Please let me know.
Thank you