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Episode 16

Jamie's taken his exam and is waiting for the results. Adam and Jo talk about the meaning of different exam results in the UK.

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  • Exams or continuous assessment – which do you prefer?
  • Which do you think is better?

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Hi cenzino.scaringi,

'Hand in' refers to giving something to someone in person. It is typically used with papers, especially schoolwork. 'Deliver' is a more general word and can mean anything from a package being sent through the post to a pizza being brought to your door.


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The LearnEnglish Team

Good afternoon.
When I think about my exams, I just remembered all that stress in that period but in the same time it was an interesting period in my life because until an exam I used to go crazy and stay all night to learn even when I had a continuous assessment sistem.
I had a period in school when one of our teachers used to give us an exam every week sometimes even twice a week.
At the beginning it was stressful because most of the mark it was just a bit more than 5, but perhaps this sistem made us, to be more focused at the lecture while the teacher teach us.
After two months we, look forward one exam every week , because now we become really good in that. And this helped us to easily passed the exam.I think the both ways of exams are good to the students, I my years of school I had the first way in a period and the second way in another period. But I enjoyed continuous assessment more than usual exams. I think when the studens are assessed periodic then they become more confident in themselves.
And they will take an exam as a simple test, without all that stress and thoughts about the idea,,What I'm supposed to do''

i also think that continuous assesment is better because it requests discipline and forces to apply yourself constantly, which produced better results

it went well until i lost some marks on task8 on spelling mistakes

I think that a continuous assessment is better than a big final exam...small exams prevent you from doing a huge effort and give you the chance to be more relaxed and reach a better outcome.

I prefer regular assessment because I get nervous when I have to do a big final exam.

I really prefer number (2) because I heard the video very well so I did it easily .
and also I think number (6) is the best .

From my education experience - I'm doing my PhD now - I prefer continuous assessment system. I guess it is better to check your comprehension and knowledge of the subjects you are studying continuously than studying hard for a final exam and find out you haven't understood the subjects really well or haven't understood at all. Another point is that continuous assessment gives us the opportunity to do practical works which can put us in real situations where we can assess weather those information we have absorbed are correct or not by employing them practical cases. Thus, it helps us to fix better the subjects we've learned by studying and experiencing them continuously than recording all information and using them only at once in an exam.
Thank you for this lesson.

I couldn't answer Task 3 and so on. Becuase I couldn't listen that topics. Please let me know, how to listen that topics? and where can I find?.


Hello Ashok,

Although not all of the questions come directly from what is said during the podcast, in general, the vocabulary and knowledge that are in the tasks should mostly be found in the episode. You could check the transcript and if it's not there, you should use the dictionary (for example, you'll find 'take exam' is correct and not 'make exam' if you look up 'exam' in the dictionary) or just answer as best you can. You can learn a lot from your mistakes, as well.

Note that you can see the correct answers by pressing the Finish button, which then becomes the Check Answers button.

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