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Episode 17

To negate or not to negate? Shakespeare and negative verb forms are the topics the team speak about in this week's episode.

Tess & Ravi

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  • Is Tess right – do non-British people like Shakespeare more than the British do?
  • What do you think of him?
  • Did you study Shakespeare at school? Which is your favourite play?
  • Tell us what you think of some famous writers from your country.

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.


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Hi, everyone!
I don't like Shakespeare very much. I think his plays quite boring. Though in our country (and in all countries of former USSR) he is a vey famous.
In Ukraine Taras Shevchenko is considered the greatest national poet.

wait a long time,but still no voice,

Hello wanglan,

I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems with the audio. I've checked the page and it seems to be working correctly, so it looks like a local issue with your connection or with the compatibility of your system or browser. Perhaps you could try using a different browser to see if that helps, or you might try downloading the audio file to your hard drive before listening. You can download it from the link below the player window, headed 'Download audio 4.7MB (right click & save)'.


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The LearnEnglish Team

I dont like to read Shakspeare. But I think he was great person.
In Uzbekistan,Alisher Novoi was great poet.
P.s I like your website very much , thank you!

Hi there!
This is first time I add a comment but I always look forword new podcasts. I'm a big fan actually.
I'm like Ravi I don't like Sheakspeare a lot and in syria I read The Mirchant of Venice at school and I couldn't finish it.It was boring.

Dear English Team,
I have completed all episode series, from series 1 to 4. Now, what is your advice to me? What's the next step might be useful for me?
All the best,
Omer Gul from Afghanistan

Hello Omer Gul,

Congratulations – that's fantastic! There will be three more episodes released in series 4 (episode 18 on 26 January and then the others two weeks later). I'd suggest you explore our Listen & Watch section a bit, as there are other similar sections there. Big City Small World is another audio series with several series and Word on the Street is a popular video series with many episodes that you might enjoy.

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi Rob and Jo,
Hi everyone.
I think that foreigners are more fans of Shakespeare than british. Here, we are playing a lot of Shakespeare's plays. But when you say Great Britean, a land of Shakespeare, British reply that Shakespeare wasn't british, they don't know him...

hi everyone this is Dhan from nepal i am new in this site, mine mother tongue is Nepali not a English so i want grow up my language skilled if any one support me here, i hope i will get as well support from here,

best regards

hello everyone!well,I love Shakespeare ever since I was a young girl. When I was 12 years old, my english teacher staged "Romeo and Juliet" in the original language (I'm italian and I live in Italy) and chose me for the part of Juliet; I still remember some of the most famous phrases. Well, later, during the years I've read many other books and poems by Shakespeare, and I love almost all of then, but maybe my favourite is Macbeth, the cursed tragedy, especially when Macbeth saw the birnam forest that moves on. Well, speaking on Macbeth, do you know that the opera based on this tragedy is by Giuseppe Verdi? However, I don't really like so much Italian literature, except for the most big poets and authors from the past, like Dante, Francesco Petrarca (his beloved woman was called Laura, like me!), Boccaccio, Foscolo, Leopardi..well, maybe I like italian literature more than I think!My best wishes to all of you!!!